NEW YORK—When it comes to social media strategy for independent ECPs, there’s no denying the importance of showing off your in-store frame collections. From exciting new arrivals to classic staples, showing customers—both returning and potential—what you have to offer them is one of the most important ways to keep interest up. For many, Instagram is a great way to showcase frames—but getting the photographs right might feel a little tricky. Lighting, backgrounds and frustrating glares or reflections can distract from a gorgeous frame, or simply send a photographer into an overthinking spiral. 

But on Instagram, a new trend seems to be emerging: photographing frames against bold, fun and expected backgrounds. Although it’s tempting to place a frame against a white wall or a wood table, unexpected backgrounds can make the photo pop—and make someone stop scrolling through their Instagram at lightning speed to take a closer look. This week we’re taking a look at how some indies are incorporating these bold, fun patterns into their frame photography—get ready to get inspired.

Moscot showcased its Pupik Sun with a custom blue tint against a bold, detailed and totally scroll-stopping royal blue background. Image via moscotnyc on Instagram

For New York-based Robert Marc, there’s no better pattern than the New York City skyline. The bright red and contrasting white show off the detail in these sunglasses. Image via robertmarcnyc on Instagram

Spectacles of Great Neck’s Instagram offers a master class in photographing frames against exciting backgrounds. This neon, 80s-esque one is a perfect foil to these graphic Fendi sunglasses. Image via spectaclesgn on Instagram

If super bold and detailed isn’t your thing, you can take a route more like Thierry Lasry, with this bright white marble against a similarly bright frame. Image via thierrylasry on Instagram

The team at Jackson Davenport Vision Center in Charleston, South Carolina, jumped on the trend with a hand-drawn, cartoony twist—perfectly positioned against these Theo frames. Image via jacksondavenportcharleston on Instagram