NEW YORK—No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s always good to set aside a moment—or a full day—to celebrate love in all its forms, whether it be romantic love, friendship, family or self-love. One of the great things about Valentine’s Day is that everyone can celebrate in their own way, and this year ECPs and other indies did exactly that, taking to social media to celebrate and share some love. This week, we’re taking a look at some of those sweet, lovely social media moments.

The team at Black Eyecare Perspective shared a beautiful graphic to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Image via blackeyecareperspective on Instagram

The team at Visionary Eyeworks in Nashville showed off some sweet, romantic Coach frames that would make a perfect Valentine’s treat. Image via visionaryeyeworks on Instagram

The Next Vision Instruments team dressed up in red to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Image via nextvisioninstruments on Instagram

Tommasina Sideris, OD, at Eyes on Litchfield in Connecticut, shared an opti-themed Valentine’s Day comic. Image via eyesonlitchfield on Instagram

Shwood Eyewear, handmade in Portland, used Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to show off a pair of their sunglasses, made with real rose petals in the temples. Image via shwoodshop on Instagram

Blink Eyewear, in Collingwood, Ontario, took the weeks before Valentine’s Day to share info about other small, local and beloved businesses. Image via blink.eyewear on Instagram

And, of course, it’s important to love yourself on Valentine’s Day too—the team at Complete Vision Center in Springfield, Oregon, shared a sweet reminder about that. Image via completevisioncenter on Instagram