Indie ODs Prepare for a Very Different Back-To-School

NEW YORK—Although it doesn’t quite feel like it, there’s no denying that we are officially in the beginning of the back-to-school season. Heading back to the classroom this year is looking very different from what we’re used to, with many schools sticking to online learning, while others require masks and in-class social distancing, or attempt a combination of the two. It’s almost impossible to know what this school year is going to look like, and how things are going to play out, but that, of course, does not cancel out the fact that children’s eye health remains vital when it comes to ensuring a successful school year.

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month at Prevent Blindness, as well as the last month of summer, or the first month of school, for children all over the country. With all those things combined, it’s also the ideal month for ECPs to begin rolling out back-to-school exams and promotions, to ensure everyone is able to get the care they need before the academic year kicks off in earnest.

Despite the fact that things are looking very different this year, ECPs across the country are doing what they can to protect children’s eye health ahead of the school year. Here’s a look at how a handful are tackling the 2020 Back-to-School season, and some ideas you can take a crack at, too.

For patients at Bella Eye Care Optometry, located in Newark, California, this year will be one of distance learning, at least in the beginning. To do their part, the team is encouraging parents to keep their kids’ eyes healthy and learn about blue light in addition to the annual exam. Image via bellaeyecareoptometry on Instagram.

The team at Norwalk Eye Care in Norwalk, Connecticut, is also gearing up to prepare kids, parents and teachers for a virtual year, and put together an educational post about why a comprehensive eye exam is still so important when school is online. Image via on Instagram.

Jack Brown Eyecare, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, put together a little tutorial for kids to demonstrate how to wear a mask and glasses together. Image via jbeyecare on Instagram.

The team at Family Vision Centers in Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, are also anticipating a very virtual year. They’re reminding parents to limit screen time where they can, and look into blue light blocking and the 20-20-20 method. Image via familyvisioncenters on Instagram.

The team at Envision Family Eyecare in Lexington, South Carolina, put together an informative post on why Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is important, and what, specifically, parents should monitor in terms of warning signs that their children are experiencing vision issues. Image via envision_family_eyecare on Instagram.