NEW YORK—This March, several organizations, including Prevent Blindness, are putting the focus on eye safety at work, dubbing the month Workplace Eye Wellness Month. As always, Prevent Blindness is providing a variety of free resources this month, including an overview of proper eye protection and safety glasses for various industries, as well as information on the effects of extended digital screen use. Earlier in March, VM reported that there were 15,730 eye injuries involving days away from work in 2020, according to a recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keeping your eyes safe at work is vital, and it doesn’t just apply to people who work with heavy machinery or in dusty factories—screen time and eye strain can also play a huge role in your overall health. This week, we’re taking a look at how some independent ECPs are encouraging workplace eye safety this month, no matter what job you do.

The team at Windy City Retina in Chicago shared some important tips for avoiding eye strain while working on the computer. Image via windycityretina on Instagram

Eyes on Trade, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shared a beautiful, multi-slide infographic that covers all the basics for workplace eye health, both in an office and out in the field. Image via eyesontrade on Instagram

The team at Vistar Eye Center in Virginia shared an eye health fact that patients might not think about. Image via vistareyecenter on Instagram

At The Eye Shop in Queen Creek, Arizona, there’s nothing better than a little joke to help spread an important message. Image via theeyeshopaz on Instagram

Maria Coward OD, MS, FAAO, who practices in Ontario, Canada, shared some information on why polycarbonate lenses can help keep eyes safe, especially when it comes to children and safety glasses. Image via drmariacoward on Instagram