NEW YORK—With the Fourth of July behind us and August about to begin, families around the country are beginning to think about what’s next: the back-to-school season. It might not be fun to think about for the kids involved, but parents and caretakers know it’s never too early to start gearing up for a new academic year, from picking up school supplies to, of course, scheduling those annual eye exams. This week, we’re taking a look at how indies are reminding patients to schedule back-to-school eye exams for the kids in their lives.

In Richland, Washington, a young patient got ready for kindergarten with her first eye exam ahead of the school year. Image via thetricityeyes on Instagram

The team at Lone Oak Family Eye Care in Paducah, Kentucky, shared that they have lots of back-to-school exams on the upcoming schedule—and with the countdown on, caretakers still have time to schedule an exam for their children. Image via lofamilyeye on Instagram

ReFocus Eye Health—with locations in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania—shared why back-to-school eye exams are so important. Image via refocuseye on Instagram

Parkside Eyecare in Edmond, Oklahoma reminded caretakers to get their kids’ back-to-school eye exams scheduled now, before the rush really picks up. Image via parkside2020 on Instagram

In Parker, Colorado, Good iSight Optometry showcased Dilli Dalli frames for kids as a back-to-school treat. Image via goodisight on Instagram

Lifetime Vision Center in Auburn, Nebraska said that one in four children have a vision issue—reminding caretakers how important it is to get their children’s eyes checked before the school year begins. Image via lifetimevisioncenter on Instagram