NEW YORK—With Prevent Blindness declaring November as Diabetes-Related Eye Disease Awareness Month, optometrists across the country are taking the time to remind their patients about the importance of looking after their eyes if they have diabetes. Prevent Blindness has put together a variety of resources including a dedicated webpage providing detailed information on diabetes-related eye diseases, and downloadable fact sheets in English and Spanish, and shareable social media graphics for optometrists to use. In addition to using these resources, many optometrists are taking to social media to share information broadly.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the ways optometrists and ophthalmologists are educating their patients on diabetes-related eye disease online.

The team at Sirgany Eyecare in Cortland, New York shared an image of a healthy retina and an eye with diabetic retinopathy in order to show patients what happens, and why early detection is important. Image via sirganyeyecare on Instagram

In Texas, the Eye Center of Houston team shared some common symptoms of diabetic eye disease so that patients can keep these in mind and know when they need to head to the optometrist. Image via eyecenterofhouston on Instagram

Allred Family Eye Care in Fullerton, California, created a seasonally appropriate graphic to explain the basics of diabetic eye disease to patients and followers, helping them gain a better understanding. Image via allredeyecare on Instagram

Clarity Eye Care, located in McKinney, Texas, shared some detailed information on how diabetes can affect the eyes, including a rundown of possible diseases that could arise. Image via clarityeyecaretx on Instagram

Gulf Coast Eye Institute in Texas shared an informative and easy to understand diagram that helps show what changes with diabetic retinopathy. Image via gulfcoasteyeinstitute on Instagram

For more information on diabetes-related eye disease, please visit or call Prevent Blindness at (800) 331-2020. For a free listing of organizations and services that provide financial assistance for vision care in English or Spanish, visit