The first collaboration was with Erin Bowman, and was met with lots of excitement. Image via drchinnsvisioncare on Instagram.

SAN DIEGO—For independent ECPs, few things are more important than connecting with patients and the local community. The local community is everything to a small business, and each help each other thrive in special ways. For many ECPs around the country, things like local fairs, charity drives and holiday events are a great way to get involved with neighbors, but there’s always space to improve on that connection, and to take things to the next level. 

In San Diego, father-daughter team Stephen Chinn, OD and Jennifer Chinn, OD, have found a new way to connect with their community—through art. This year, Dr. Chinn Vision Care launched a series of collaborations with local artists. As part of the collaboration, local artists design limited edition lens cloths in exchange for eyecare at the practice. The lenses, which are limited edition and change with each season, are available when a patient purchases frames at Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care.

Next, Drs. Chinn collaborated with Sarah Ann. Image via drchinnsvisioncare on Instagram.
The collaboration is underscored by the desire to keep San Diego, and specifically its North Park neighborhood, where Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care is located, as vibrant as possible. On their website, Drs. Chinn write, “San Diego and North Park have a history rich with culture and art that brings the city to life. We want to help keep San Diego, and North Park vibrant by supporting local artists through access to eyecare. Vision allows us to dream, imagine, and give the world hope.”

Most recently, the practice collaborated with Sandra Escobar, who takes inspiration for her art from her Latin American heritage. Image via drchinnsvisioncare on Instagram

So far, Drs. Chinn have collaborated with three San Diego-based artists: Erin Bowman for Winter 2021, Sarah Ann for Spring 2021 and, most recently, Sandra Escobar for Summer 2021. The artists’ full biographies are prominently displayed on the practice’s website, as well as their limited edition design. Interested local artists can reach out about a collaboration, too.

The lens cloth collaboration supports local artists tangibly, by providing them eyecare, while also showcasing their art to both local patients and people all over the world who follow Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care on social media (the practice has over 1,000 Instagram followers). It’s a new and creative way of building a local connection by creating a practice that is truly part of its community.