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The rise in interest about how ECPs and optical retailers are using new approaches to build their presence online has sparked additional interest in CLICK—which is now brought to you TWICE each month! The latest in a series of popular e-newsletters from Vision Monday, CLICK is a briefing designed specifically to provide practice insights and ideas about the latest website features, tools and Web-based applications.

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Silhouette Integrates Social Media Into Virtual Mirror 2.0

GLINZ, Austria—Silhouette’s revolutionary Virtual Mirror iPhone app and its online version, Virtual Mirror 2.0, make it easy for eyeglass wearers worldwide to see how they look in Silhouette’s eyewear styles and the latest version enables wearers to get input from friends and family via social media, too.

The new Virtual Mirror 2.0 application allows users to share images of themselves in Silhouette’s very broad selection of styles, shapes and colors, while receiving feedback from friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Users simply upload a photo to the Virtual Mirror 2.0 app, and begin clicking through the different style options available. Once a user has found a pair they like, the image can be saved to the user’s photo album. Or, the user can post the picture on their Facebook page or Twitter network and get instant feedback from friends and family.

Silhouette says that its new Virtual Mirror 2.0 application turns the worldwide social media community into a “style consultant network,” providing a forum for comments to help each user select the perfect rimless eyewear. “It’s certainly exciting to see where comments are coming from and who the other users of the new Rimless Aesthetics Consultant are. It’s easy to find—and contact—them, wherever they may be in world,” explains Elisabeth Kneidinger, head of E-Communication at Silhouette.

All of Silhouette’s rimless eyewear collections are available in the Virtual Mirror 2.0. Once a user selects a model(s), they can find a local eyecare professional who carries Silhouette by visiting Consumers and ECPs can find Silhouette on Facebook and Twitter.


New Guide From Transitions Helps ECPs Learn How to Get 'Social'

PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Social media is the fastest-growing communication platform—and with 79 percent of companies on the Fortune 100 list using social media, it is also becoming a valuable business tool. Transitions Optical, Inc. is providing a new resource for eyecare professionals, Getting Social: Social Media For Your Practice, to help ECPs utilize social media to stay top-of-mind with patients and build their business.

A follow-up resource to Transitions Optical’s original guide, Putting Your Practice on Facebook, the Getting Social guide provides more in-depth information about expanding social media outreach for an eyecare practice. The guide provides an overview of social media applications, such as “Which Social Media Application is Right for My Business?” It also suggests online resources for keeping up with the latest trends in social media. And the new Guide offers procedures for developing a social media plan for vision care practices and gives tips on the best practices for using social media to bring in new business, including an interview with ECP Justin Bazin, OD, of Park Slope Eye. (Bazin’s visible social media presence has been covered in CLICK.)

“Social media is an outstanding business tool for eyecare professionals because it provides a forum to personally connect with patients,” said Trish Boccuti, senior marketing specialist, eyecare professionals, Transitions. “Transitions is committed to providing ECPs with resources to help them promote their practices and reach out to their communities with the message of healthy sight.”

Getting Social: Social Media For Your Practice is available for download through the marketing tools section of Transitions Optical’s trade portal at or by calling Transitions Customer Service at (800) 848-1506.


cool tools

From blogging and Photoshop tips, to posts on “Oddities,” “Inspiration” and Wallpapers, this unique site features interesting tidbits and guides to enliven and enhance existing sites or social media efforts. Scouring the web to offer such fun programs as or How to Get Ideas to Create Creative Advertisements and Posters the site is varied, fun and useful and is written by engineer and web developer @JackSimz.

Cool Tools For Schools


This incredible resource site is geared to teachers—but dozens of cool programs and widgets can enable anyone to pump up the fun and interactivity of a website. Collating lists of programs for Presentation, Collaborative, Video, Audio, Drawing, Organizing, Mapping, Quiz and Poll Tools and others, the site is affiliated by Wikispaces which enable users to take advantage of programs created by others around the web and utilize them on their sites to engage their own visitors. A helpful A to Z guide is an at-a-glance summary.

sites to see

A new blog, “More than Meets The Eye,” by REM Eyewear’s creative director Nicolas Roseillier, is a chance to get the inside scoop on the design inspirations, travels and the behind-the-scenes decisions that go into creating 12 eyewear collections a year. Posted on REM’s site regularly, Roseillier’s musings range from trend observations to unique color palettes and design aesthetics. The posts can educate and identify new ideas and themes for designers, marketers and anyone interested in what’s happening in the consumer, culture and style worlds.


Transitions Optical, Inc. has re-launched the Transitions SOLFX website to boost user experience of the sunwear site where design and interactive content are intended to help visitors better understand how Transitions SOLFX sun lenses differ from traditional, fixed-tint sunglasses. Demonstrators show how adaptive sunwear can help improve visual performance outdoors and determine which Transitions SOLFX product(s) may be right for them. Product- and activity-specific demonstration tools and content, photography and purchasing information, and new Transitions SOLFX video are posted. Visitors can learn more about the Transitions Championship for Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event, and the Garmin-Transitions pro cycling team.