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A Transformative Year for Online and Social Media

2010 was a pivotal year for the emergence of social media and how it is transforming the presence of businesses and professionals on the web. New tools are enabling ECPs to build their practice's visibility and connectivity with their patients and achieve new levels of productivity.

In CLICK, Vision Monday's twice-a-month e-newsletter which helps brief ECPs about web technology and Internet developments, we've tried to bring you examples of those as well as point you to tools and interesting sites that can help you amplify your presence online.

Dozens of articles are available in our CLICK Archives. They are easy-to-access to help you catch up on tips and interesting ideas. It's located at

Have you tried something new on your website or launched a special social media campaign? Tell us about it and we'll consider it for an upcoming feature in CLICK.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
—The Editors

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HOYA Online Scheduling Platform Targets Ways to Support ECPs and Patients

ATLANTA, Ga.— is a platform for online appointment scheduling used by professionals to empower their patients to schedule appointments online, 24/7, and to receive, via requested text or email reminders, timely confirmation and reminder information.

The founder of is Mike Landry, a software creator and consultant and sports fanatic who built two logistics software companies into multimillion dollar enterprises serving Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, and UPS. was launched about three years ago, and operates for professionals in several different fields including, accountants, counselors, and chiropractors.

Described by Carey Sipp, Timetap's director of alliances, as “highly configurable,” also provides clients who need one with a website-building service as well as tools to help the client build and utilize their private, secured database for retention marketing—all included in one monthly fee. Clients with existing websites simply add a “book appointment now” button allowing their patients/customers to access, via a pop-up window, the scheduling function without leaving the website.

The group also has a long-standing and valuable alliance with Prevent Blindness America In fact, Sipp's daughter's amblyopia was discovered by PBA volunteers 14 years ago. Naturally, Carey is a PBA supporter and thought using the system to help raise awareness and funding for PBA would be a win/win for the ECPs, who gain competitive advantage, awareness, and good will. PBA receives a gift from every subscription dollar generated by service for ECPs, whether it is an OEM type sale to a vision services company, or a sale to an individual ECP.

As well as visiting, vision care professionals can visit to book appointments and see how the system works. Any optometrist who signs up is automatically listed as a supporter of PBA unless he or she opts out of the designation.

Timetap is targeting its efforts to both individual ECP practices and larger multiple retail location operations. Sipp noted, “For the retail companies, we have a proven, packaged platform that we are willing to offer as an 'OEM' solution, at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost the companies to develop it themselves. We can help them gain competitive advantage quickly, efficiently, and effectively, and are currently in negotiations and conversations with several companies. For the individual user, especially the one- or two-person practice that is just getting automated, we have a simple solution that is inexpensive, and allows for a trial, so they can 'test the waters' without making a major investment.”


Looking Back to Look Ahead Via CLICK

NEW YORK—Throughout 2010, CLICK has put the spotlight on a diverse mix of tools, programs and services which can enhance practice profitability and create connections with patients. Here are just a few highlights. And be sure to click for more on the CLICK Archives.

Filling Those Empty Appointment Spots Via the New

ROCKVILLE, Md.—One of the primary revenue drains in any practice is vacant appointment times. According to the Medical Group Management Association, physicians with busy practices lose 12 percent of available appointment times daily, due to patients that don't show up, who reschedule a few hours ahead or cancel at the last minute. The problem is these openings are usually same-day, and coordinating people into newly opened-up appointment slots is a significant challenge as well. is a unique and inexpensive web-based application, free for patients, that connects patients desiring same day or same week appointments with recent openings in physicians' offices by making the appointments visible as they become available on both a website and, importantly, on a mobile device like an iPhone, Droid or other smartphone.

Read it in CLICK’s Dec. 16 Edition.

Creating Your Own Internal Practice Social Network With

ROCKVILLE, Md.—There are new tools that are changing the way companies communicate internally, referred to as “Enterprise Social Networks.” Enterprise social networks offer private and secure social network you can set up for sharing within your company.

CLICK contributor, Dr. Alan Glazier, uses in his practice. With Yammer you can microblog privately within your organization, holding conversations, collaborating in real-time with co-workers on site and around the globe. You can direct message (DM) individual or a select group of co-workers.

Read it in CLICK’s Oct. 27 Edition.

SOCIAL CLIMBING: Insights From the First CLICK Conference

LAS VEGAS—Nearly 200 eyecare professionals and others from the vision industry attended the first Vision Monday CLICK Conference, held at Vision Expo West in Oct. Titled “Social Climbing: How the New Media Can Transform Your Practice,” and sponsored exclusively by Hoya Vision Care, the conference included a panel of expert speakers on the impact of social media.

The Conference’s keynote speaker, John Garnin, senior sales manager of “Your customers are using social media, you should be using it too,” said Garnin. Consumers value customer opinions. In fact, 78 percent of the public values a recommendation from a product user.”

Panelist, Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO from Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in Tampa, Fla, agreed: “Social media equals real life relationships and those relationships get people in your door and people in your door, buzz about your business, means revenue.”

View all of the presentations made by the CLICK Conference panelists:
John Garnin
Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO
Kelly Kerksick, OD
Brad Childs
Gregory Hicks, OD

Read it in CLICK’s Oct. 14 Edition.


cool tools

This site allows you to manage your own web activities and monitor trends online with tools for bringing all of the elements of your Internet marketing into one format. From link building, SEO monitoring and social media to email newsletters and analytics, RavenTools is an online software system used by small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as many Fortune 500 companies. The Raven Tools provide a range of flexible choices with access to several members of your team at once. It can provide customized reports in automated formats including PDFs. The site offers tours and a 30-day free trial.


A collective of tips, newsletters, guidelines and helpful suggestions—for beginners as well as more advanced users—GasPedal provides a range of information that helps all types of businesses maximize their online and social media marketing efforts. Its learn word-of-mouth marketing e-newsletters, whitepapers, book excerpts and blogs offer pragmatic, helpful advice.

sites to see

This site has absolutely nothing to do with eyecare or eyewear. BUT we think it’s way cool. A tribute to Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk, it features short, continuous moonwalks from people who’ve uploaded their efforts from all around the world. Just take a few minutes to watch some cute and imaginative interpretations or post your own! Happy New Year from CLICK!


Another site for those of you with some more holiday vacation time on your hands, ViralVideoChart is owned and operated by Unruly Media, a London-based company which spreads, seeds, distributes and otherwise promotes online video content. Its ViralVideo Chart contains lists of the top viral videos in a range of categories. You are forewarned; not all viral videos are rated “PG”. Its data is syndicated to a range of media outlets in the U.S. and internationally. Frequented by media mavens looking for the next big thing, the Viral Video Chart maintains it is the world's largest, most comprehensive database of viral videos.