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Looking at Social And Digital Tools With A Fresh Eye

Connecting with patients and potential customers can be a lively experience. Eye care professionals are bringing a fresh eye towards their presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. And there is a range of new tools available to help change up the communication and education experience with patients.

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Have you tried something new on your website or launched a special social media campaign? Tell us about it and we'll consider it for an upcoming feature in CLICK.

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Through Animation And Video, Hoya Vision’s “Professor Murray” Teaches Lens Options

LEWISVILLE, Tex. — A new character’s in town. It’s “Professor Murray,” a unique kind of animated character video series, developed by Hoya Vision.

The just-launched series, “is very creative and we’ve put it in a format that doctors can use with a patient in a high-tech environment, to explain Hoya technology,” said Ron Barnes, director of project marketing for The Hoya Free-Form Company.

Hoya is taking video technology to a new medium in the internet optical space by introducing Professor Murray, an online electronic personality and spokesperson sure to educate and entertain eye care professionals and consumers alike. Professor Murray demonstrates Hoya’s lens and treatment advancements in a 3D environment, incorporating animation and messaging that demonstrates the best technology on the market in a fun, yet understandable format.

“Eye care professionals are looking for ways to present Hoya’s Free-Form design technology to prospective patients – not only the superiority in Hoya lens design and manufacturing, but also the results or benefits a patient will achieve through the investment in their vision. Patients already get the ‘WOW’ when their Hoya lenses are dispensed, now we’ll achieve the ‘AHA’ during the purchasing decision. I think we have a winner in Professor Murray by relating high-tech products through a high-tech, fun presentation,” Barnes said.

The Professor Murray animation will be supported by actual video demonstrations patients will easily relate to and understand. Subsequent videos will also introduce a 3D professional female OD to complement the Murray character.

There will be a large social media component for Professor Murray, Barnes told CLICK. Professor Murray and colleague will dominate all electronic media through dedicated Facebook pages and YouTube Channel, blogs, waiting room videos -- and, the ability to embed the videos on ECP sites.

“This is truly just the beginning, ”said Barnes, “by taking advantage of the recently released HOYA Lens Selector and now the ongoing series of Professor Murray videos, patients will experience the need for premium technology, premium options and multiple pairs in an exciting production….and the opportunity to provide our loyal Hoya accounts’ websites a breathe of fresh air. Again, our goal is to use electronic media to drive patients to ECP offices versus the likelihood of patients getting lost forever in some cyberspace online shop.”

A CLICK Reader Sees The Power of Facebook

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada —

Tom Wilk, OD, who operates Mountain View Optometry in Calgary and Cochrane, in Alberta, Canada, wrote in to CLICK at the end of February, to share his recent success starting the company’s Facebook presence.

“As per your request for social media campaign feedback, to kick off our new company Facebook page (just two weeks ago), we sent an email blast to all our patients announcing it. To encourage them to sign up, we did a glasses giveaway promo. We announced that we are aiming to get to 1,000 fans this year, so for every 100 fans that sign up, we give away a free pair of prescription eyeglasses, up to 1,000 fans in total.

“By the second day after the email went out,” Wilk writes, “we had 240 fans sign up and had given away two pairs of glasses. We have steadily been gaining fans since then and should have 300 fans by next week. The power of this medium is astounding - we had 12,000 post views before the first week was up!”

The Mountain View Optometry homepage features a range of practice and eyecare information, including a signup for an email newsletter, visible posts of user reviews and a request to review the practice on

Of the practice’s Facebook debut, Wilk told CLICK, “This is cheap advertising. For the number of ‘exposures’ to existing patient and potential new patients, it's a tremendous value for the money. It's all about Permission Marketing, to use Seth Godin's terminology, regular marketing communication with your patient base to keep your business front of mind.

“Mind you, we have been collecting emails for years and communicating with our patients regularly this way, so we have over 7,000 email addresses representing maybe 10,000 patients. However, anyone who has an email database should definitely do this to get their social media campaign going.

“Thanks for the great newsletter.”

Tom Wilk O.D.
Mountain View Optometry
Calgary, Alberta

cool tools


LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. An award-winning website, LastPass is free to download to tap most of its features, or is also available in a premium ($1 a month) version. It enables users to create a simpler way to track all web passwords and facilitate surfing and purchasing over the web. After a user logs in to LastPass and then clicks a website to check out, the tool then automatically logs the user on securely to the selected site. It will even complete all the forms needed to buy goods online if the user has stored their home address, telephone number and credit card details in the LastPass vault as well. This handy Web browser plug-in also syncs your data to any computer that you use regularly. As the site tells visitors, “You always knew that someday you'd find a more reliable password manager than your yellow Post-its.”



GoogleGoggles is a brand new mobile feature from Google, designed for Android phones. A clever, short video here describes way that using your Android phone’s camera enables you to search for information visually. With a photo of a book, a menu phrase (it translates language), a landmark, text or a business card, the feature lets users instantly get to information without typing words into a web browser on their mobile phone and ‘waiting’ for links and answers.

sites to see

ABB CONCISE is making several exciting changes, starting with a new a majority of orders received by ABB CONCISE accounts are submitted via the websites and the patient online ordering site,this change will turn more customers on to the efficiencies of online ordering. ABB CONCISE is the largest U.S. contact lens distributor. Easy-to-use features will remain, plus the key enhancements such as: Live Chat with a customer service representative; using the replenishment ordering system for easy stock revenue inventory ordering of soft contact lens or ophthalmic lens order; archived Practice Partnership GP Webinars online; news alerts and news section; ability to search actual RX parameters in the new, enhanced Paramater Guide; storage of patient information for easy access and ordering.

Coming soon, said Lynda Baker, executive vice president, is the Find A Doctor feature. The main page will feature new consumer links such as good contact lens practices, consumer buying tips and a link to "When consumers find our website and peruse the consumer-related links, they will use the Find a Doctor to locate an ABB CONCISE account in their area. That will drive more patients to our doctors' offices."

Online eyeglasses retailer EyeBuyDirect launched its Wall of Frame 3.0 Virtual Dressing Room, a new social media initiative as part of its e-commerce site. With a photo, a little skill, and a lot of social engagement, shoppers can mix and match superimposed eyeglasses onto their photos, see how similar glasses look on other shoppers (friends, family and even strangers), email and post links on Facebook and Twitter, as well as vote on their favorites among the retailer's social network of 20,000 users.

A spokesperson for the company notes, “This signals a pivotal shift in e-commerce, which is becoming increasingly focused on providing a personalized, social experience for shoppers. Since launching only a few short weeks ago, EyeBuyDirect has already seen its average pages per visit increase 7 percent and the average time shoppers spend on the site is also up 3 percent.