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Making Your Practice Visible to Patients

Part of an effective digital media presence is to find continuous ways to let patients "see" your practice for themselves.

Via your website, or your social media pages on Facebook and Twitter or with links from review sites like Yelp, videos are becoming an important new tool to help people learn more about what you do, how and why you do it, and to "connect" with you as an eyecare practitioner or optical retailer.

We highlight some examples of video profiles this month. We also take a look at how one very high-profile social media optometrist, our own CLICK contributor, Alan Glazier, OD, believes that "groups" of docs can leverage their buying power through a new weekly deal site created exclusively for them:

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Practice Videos Build Strong Connections to Current—and Prospective—Patients

RIDGEWOOD, N.J.—The web is all about visibility, conveying information and building one-to-one connections. Video profiles are now serving that purpose for a growing number of eyecare professionals, including optometrists and opticians/optical retailers.

Erik Liljegren, whose EyeCareVideo company has been working with dozens of practices and retail shops via Jobson's ECP Business Solutions Group, pointed out, "There are so many ways to utilize a well-shot, high-quality practice video today—via practice websites, for social media like Facebook, video sites like YouTube and others. As a whole or in parts or segments, there are now so many ways to use and distribute video."

Liljegren told CLICK, "As more people search online for healthcare information, video provides options and solutions based on what type of care they need. Practice Profiles, from EyeCare Video, provide a level of comfort to the patient, especially those that feature the practitioner or members of the practice team. Once practices have a Practice Profile, it's an asset that that can be edited into shorter segments for use on TV, in other office locations, or for a video library explaining tests, procedures or vision conditions. In addition, the Practice Profiles can highlight dispensary and other product features. "We go through a pre-production consultation process with the practice owner which outlines the goals of the practice, so our on-site crew can highlight and focus on the products and services that are most important to the practitioner.

A range of diverse eyecare practice and optical retail videos are posted at the EyeCareVideo YouTube channel. Among these are optical boutiques such as Boca Raton, Fla.–based Grove Opticians.

EyeCareVideo is also a preferred partner of Vision Source offering specially-priced arrangements for Vision Source members. One such partnership is highlighted in the practice video of Jonathan Cargo, OD, of Cargo Eye Care, Las Colinas, Texas who features their video front and center to introduce the doctor and his practice philosophy to patients.

The company also participates with such professional practice groups as IDOC and OD Excellence and EyeCareVideo also offers its extensive video production, editing and consulting services to partners via Carl Zeiss Vision Rewards Program.

Added Bill Scott, president of Jobson's ECP Business Solutions, "EyeCare Video is a perfect example of the type of products and services we provide that advance better communication with current and prospective patients and also enhances a practices' presence on the web and in their electronic patient communications."



How Can ODs Benefit From Special Group Deals

By Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO

ROCKVILLE, Md.—Since the dawn of the internet, few websites have made as big an impact as Groupon, a website offering significant discounts on products or services to a wide net of people in exchange for a portion of the profits. It is typical to get a Groupon for a product or a service at discounts between 50 percent and 80 percent. It is the participants' hope, whether product vendor or product retailer, that social deal purchasers turn into regular clientele and, thus, many are are willing to make less profit, or even take a small loss in order to increase their exposure.

Personally, I have purchased several Groupons. Our practice used a Groupon competitor to run an optical deal early on in the craze. We opted not to start with Groupon, but a smaller competitor in order to "test the water" on what was then a new concept. We went with, a social deal network directed toward working mothers. The deal was 50 percent off a complete set of eyewear with eye examination. Response was small, as the network wasn't nearly as large as Groupon.

But, we learned several important things. First, people who purchase these deals expect to patronize your business and leave with exactly what is offered. In other words, upselling is a no-no. Secondly, be ready for a huge response. Nothing reflects worse on your business than an offer that you can't handle and nothing is worse than having to turn away business due to lack of preparation. Thirdly, have an offer on hand incentivizing them to return next year; your value in offering these discounts is in the potential for repeat business, have a "hook" in place to get them back and be sure to collect information enabling you to market to them subsequently. Done properly, a Groupon can be a huge hit for your business. Without these three pieces of advice, Groupon is likely at best to be a wash and at worst a total disaster for your business.

A few months ago, Daniel Rostenne, CEO of, suggested a "Groupon" model where eyecare businesses benefit via vendor discounts. I analyzed the potential for such a model to help my practice, and after some thought and many discussions was born! (Read VMail's exclusive story about the May 16 launch.)

Since then, Rostenne told CLICK, "We've had 2000+ visitors and 500+ registrations to the site to date. ODs are asking specific questions about the purchasing process, returns, exchanges, warranties, etc. which is understandable for a frame related deal, which was our first deal. The industry interest has been very positive with numerous requests to participate in deals, ranging from small start-ups to well-established big names. Their questions are mainly focused on exactly how the process works for them. I find that the most explanation is required to paint a picture of what a deal featuring their products and services might look like. Overall, everyone is very positive about it and has bookmarked the website, and itself as something to keep an eye on."

Rostenne also said, "The most common question we've received to date revolves around whether or not we represent any competition to the buying groups. The answer there is a resounding no! While we plan to offer a variety of relevant products and services at good discounts, there's no way to replace a buying group with, a practice simply has too big a need for products on an ongoing basis. We're serving a niche. Our plan in the near future is to join the buying groups and provide them with a platform to provide their own deals to their own members, allowing them to participate in the group buying model even more so and benefit from what is doing. At the same time, we plan on providing ODs with a platform so they can offer their own deals to their patient base. Many ODs who are afraid of doing a 'Groupon' feel more comfortable with a group offer to their own patient base."

So, be sure to sign up on the website to get notified of future deals, "like" us on Facebook and connect with us on Twitter @Eyedeally to hear buzz, provide feedback and let us know any specific types of deals you would like to see us run.

Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO is the founder/CEO of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care in Rockville, Md. A search and social optimization consultant, he is now a regular contributor to CLICK and also writes a regular blog for Glazier is at and his regular posts can be found via his Twitter handle: @EyeInfo, his blog: and his website: Author: Searchial Marketing: How Social Media Drives Search Optimization in Web 3.0.



FlipSnack is a cool tool which lets you convert any PDF file into a flipping book, which you can then embed into your website or social media page. It's a great idea for turning your patient brochure, helpful eyecare information or general info pieces into dynamic digital "books." The flash-based flip books are created via an intuitive tool on the site, which is free or offered with more resources via a premium version. A helpful FAQ section answers most questions about how your flipbooks can be organized and arranged. You can choose formats, colors and design options as well.



Have a little time on your hands..? Check out this site, Rrrather, which lets you browse questions on the site according to their category, popularity, or how recent they are. By creating an account on the site you can create your own questions too. The site asks users for simple voting questions, provides two options for each question along with an image for each option. You can leave a comment on the questions while voting, which are visible for others to view.


Berlin-based fashion eyewear company, Mykita, just launched a new website. Now available in three languages (English, German and Japanese) and featuring easier navigation, the site showcases images of all current styles. The new Mykita campaign, shot by New York-based artist, Mark Borthwick, is a highlight of the new site, as is an archive of select press clippings and celebrities wearing the brand. Visitors can discover more about Mykita shops or browse through Mykita's Faces Gallery—portraits of the people behind the brand. The company is also enhancing its social media presence with a new blog and is encouraging visitors to become a fan of Mykita's new Facebook page, to be updated with the latest news about Mykita as well as exclusive content.


Legacie has been updating its own and the company's brands' presence online with impactful new imagery, interactive sites and more engaging content. Combined with social media initiatives for Legacie, as well as Kata Eyewear and PURE Eyewear, the company notes it is interacting with customers and media/press in new ways.

"As our business grows and we continue to offer a unique experience to our partners and the end consumer, it is important that we speak to everyone in the most modern way available to us. Social media, and the web in general, are the best ways to most personally interact with our partners and consumers, explained Cliff Robinson, co–president, Legacie. "They are the digital extension of our entire company philosophy—using our unique product assortments to help establish a unique and personal experience for our retail partners and end consumers. Kata and PURE focus specifically on technology and, in keeping with this theme, we felt that it was important that their stories be told in the online arena using the most of-the-moment social media platforms."

The Legacie Facebook Page, launched earlier this month, will be a universal location for all the company's press coverage, photos and videos as well as a place to contain behind-the-scenes information including photo shoots, product development, trend forecasts, etc. "We are looking forward to building a strong and engaged following on Facebook, so that we can then open the floor to our customers and consumers for feedback on our business, products, etc. by using Facebook's new Question feature," the company said. Kata's Twitter page, launched in April, provides a unique behind-the-scenes look into Kata Eyewear—everything from production to photo shoots to events to trends—so that consumers will see Kata's Twitter feed as a valuable eye-wear resource. The goal of Kata Tumblr is to find like-minded consumers who reblog and relate to our content.

"Our Tumblr serves as a story board of Kata inspirations, all cultivated from Kata's four brand pillars: Authenticity, Innovation, Simplicity and Responsibility." PURE Twitter looks to engage and reach out to vision and technology influencers, in and out of the industry, and eventually build relationships that branch outside of the digital space, with a goal of "developing a brand personality that matches the individual, hand-crafted work of PURE, which will breed brand awareness and loyalty."


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