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What Works

Give Patients a 'Virtual Tour' - And Add In a Scavenger Hunt for Fun!

By Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO

TAMPA, Fla.—What would 'online magic' for an eyecare professional look like? The ideal online presence for an ECP practice would be so effective that it would not only display factual information about the practice, but also make potential patients comfortable before they set foot in the door. If online content can spark positive emotions in patients, they are more likely to schedule appointments and more likely to make purchases. Social media and website content allows ECPs to develop this emotional connection in many ways: we can establish authority with knowledgeable blog posts, respond to their frustrated tweets, make people smile with funny Facebook updates, and reassure them with glowing reviews from their peers.



CooperVision Acquisition of Websystem3 to Offer ECPs Automated Patient Communications

PLEASANTON, Calif.— CooperVision now offers eye doctors the ability to communicate with patients automatically using custom Web-based software offered by Websystem3.

Websystem3 builds on CooperVision's popular CV+ Program. With digital media and mobile device use on the rise, WebSystem3 allows practices to automate key communications, taking advantage of technology to build digital marketing programs to drive practice revenues, the company said in early March.



Cool Tools

Earth Day Network 2013

April 22 is Earth Day and once again the Earth Day Network has a countdown clock and a wealth of resources on their site which are informative and interesting. Particularly as awareness about environmental issues builds, there’s a great deal of data here plus many fascinating images, data and participatory tools which can be adapted by any business.


TeachersFirst Earth Day

This multifaceted resource for teachers everywhere has gathered and chosen a great array of programs, ideas and educational approaches which can easily turn into local activities for Earth Day or every day. TeachersFirst's editorial team has hand-selected this group of "Editors' Choices" for their potential to engage and involve students in both the understanding of scientific concepts surrounding Earth Day and in environmental activism for any time of the year.



Sites to See

The Vision Force Group

The Better Vision App is a new app designed to support visually impaired and dyslexic people in their efforts to read. The Vision Force, an organization whose aim is to develop innovative solutions to simplify the of lives of dyslexic and poor sighted people and to improve the quality of sight in everyday life, has developed the Better Vision app. The functional and handy all-in-one app magnifies text and reads English, German, Spanish or Dutch text out loud on iPhones, iPads (mini) and Android devices.


Asthma and Allergy Foundation

It’s that season again, in many parts of the country. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) offers a free educational brochure titled Eye Health and Allergies to help allergy sufferers better understand and manage their condition. The brochure, which also includes smart allergy season strategies for contact lens wearers, can be viewed at or in the Patient Education section of the website.



Survey: What Works in Social Media Marketing and How to Make It Work for You

Tools available in social media for businesses of all types are rapidly changing.

During the week of February 25, 2013, Ascend2, in partnership with Research Underwriters, conducted survey interviews with 687 business leaders, marketing executives and practitioners from around the world. Their report, on What Works in Social Media Marketing, features a unique approach.


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