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Angie's List for Health Care Professionals?
Yes, Read On

Consumers sharing insights about their service and product purchasing experience is not new. But it might be news for many eyecare professionals that Angie's List, a site with two million regular users searching for home service contractors, now rates more than 240 health and wellness services.

Featured on that list are three eyecare categories including: Eyecare—LASIK, Eyecare—Ophthalmology, and Eyecare—Optometry. In fact, Angie's List provided to CLICK a list of the top 50 health categories on the popular site. And, in fact, there are currently hundreds of eye doctor reviews posted in markets across the country. Angie's List is now in 244 markets/cities in the U.S.



Hashtags - Is it Time to Give Them Some Attention?

By Daniel Rostenne, EyeCarePro

NEW YORK—The hashtag symbol (#), also known as the pound or the number sign, has achieved new meaning since the social media revolution. In its more recent incarnation it can be found gracing Twitter and Instagram feeds, creating an appearance of a secret code to the uninitiated and a sense of order to social media enthusiasts.

Since its original debut on Twitter, the hashtag has spread its influence to other social networks, such as Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and most recently, Facebook leading many to ask the question, "Is it time to start using the hashtag?"



Cool Tools


Want to keep tabs on a range of subjects, topics, blogs and trending headlines...? Popurls is the dashboard for the latest web-buzz, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet.



Daily Rotation

"You pick the sites, we snag the headlines." That’s the message of, which puts the user in the driver’s seat for an amalgam site that pulls together a range of websites, posts, feeds and blogs, customized to the user.




Sites to See

Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies has launched a new company website including lens processing equipment and consumables, the new line of ophthalmic equipment and better integration with its new online store The new site better segments the company’s growing line of equipment solutions, including their recent addition of several refraction and diagnostic systems, to provide visitors with an easier way to find the product most appropriate to their eyecare field.


Augen Optics EasyForm Equipment

Augen Optics has launched a new website design for its EasyForm Digital Free Form Processing System. Incorporating significant improvements in visual presentation, navigation, and content delivery, the revamped site enables quicker, easier access to product information and provides a greater variety of images and a video to demonstrate product functionality and quality.



Vacation Time: To Log On or Not to Log On?

To log on or not to log on? That's the question explored recently by Bruce Drake, a senior editor at The Pew Research Center, who looked at some recent research by Fox News to learn more about how Americans connect or disconnect with their email while on vacation.

A Fox News survey, conducted Aug. 3-5, asked this question: "Some people like to check and answer email every day to keep up with it, while others would rather completely disconnect and just dig through loads of email when they return. What about you?"


Quick Click

How regularly does your practice Tweet and use hashtags about #eyehealth and related #eyewear news?

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