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What Works

What Do You Need To Know About Google Carousel?

By Nancy Rausman, EyeCarePro

NEW YORK—A few months back, you probably noticed that some local searches on Google began to turn up a dynamic horizontal bar (or carousel) of images rather than the traditional vertical list of search results. This feature, known as Google's Local Carousel which debuted this past summer, has been slowly replacing standard listings in certain search categories such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

Do optometrists and ECPs need to be concerned about Google Carousel? While ODs and eyewear websites are not yet finding themselves displayed in the carousel format, you definitely will want to optimize your practice to be included once they are.



A Way to Manage Your Practice's Social Media Posts With Buffer

By Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO

ROCKVILLE, Md.—Social media is a thing to share and be shared. It is acceptable to share content you create, or content which you find brings value to your audience.

Sharing adds value on many levels. It draws people to your efforts and causes them, in many cases, to connect with you. It helps define who you are and what subjects are of interest to you, which shapes some of how Google decides to elevate you when people search for the topics you are involved in on social media.


Local Eye Site

Cool Tools

From the people who started, a 24/7 audio conferencing service, is designed to target a maximum of up to 96 users for screen sharing, web conferencing, product demonstrations, webinars and more.




Have enough to do? Too much? This is a tool that helps visualize projects and tasks, including checklists and schedules to help you prioritize, detail and get things done. integrates with your email.




Sites to See

Alcon has created a new, easy-to-understand, educational website to serve as a go-to for every stage of glaucoma. An objective, factual resource, offers both patients and caregivers clear, authoritative information on a range of topics.




See Jane See

Women are at significantly greater risk of blindness or visual impairment than men. In fact, according to the 2012 "Vision Problems in the US" study, 66 percent of those experiencing blindness are women, 61 percent of those suffering with cataracts are women and 65 percent of those with age-related macular degeneration are women.



A Visual Look at Social Media By The Numbers, 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic from Digital Insights puts social media platforms into perspective. From the leap in various social media platform users to the rise in their influence in the area of e-commerce, the current reach of digital media continues to transform all marketing and consumer impressions of brands, products and services, in all fields.

Some of the more interesting points in this fact-laden infographic:

  • Around 46 percent of web users turn to social media for making a purchase.
  • Sixty percent of consumers say the integration of social media makes them more likely to share product and services.
  • While Facebook still dominates with more than one billion users, Google+ has grown to 500 million total users and Twitter has also reached and surpassed the same number, 500 million.


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