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What Works

What Are Reasonable Expectations For Your Practice Facebook Page?

By Nancy Rausman, EyeCarePro

NEW YORK—Average Facebook business pages have fewer than 500 fans and, due to recent changes in Facebook, their "reach" has decreased, creating more of a need for purchasing Facebook Ads.

But while Facebook is a critical part of your online marketing plan, many optical practice owners are discouraged by the results they see from these efforts. The problem is, many business owners don't have reasonable expectations of Facebook's efficacy in bringing in new business and don't really understand where its true value is found.

Here are a few areas where false expectations for social media can lead small business owners to have unfounded doubts about Facebook and some examples of what true success means.



There is No Free Social Media for Business

By Janet Fouts, CLICK Contributor

NEW YORK—Way back in the 1990's, I co-founded a startup online community for the restaurant industry. was smart, funny, beautifully illustrated and edgy, and we had a rabid subscriber base of restaurant folk. Blogs were in their infancy and we used bulletin boards and comment streams on posts to communicate with our user-base and we loved every second of it. Unfortunately, it was early for online community and although people were willing to join in the fun and we even had a few sponsors, there wasn't enough revenue stream to support the community and we failed. Nobody saw how community could support a business model.


Local Eye Site

Cool Tools


"Widgets" are interesting small tools which can add dynamism and interactivity to your own website. Many are "plug ins," which you or your web person can add to engage patients in new ways. One source of these, many free, is BraveApps.




A "widget" is a content module, embedded in a web page or browser. They can enhance and personalize your website even further and build connections with visitors. The site offers simple instructions for you or your web person to install.



Sites to See

CareCredit Mobile

While thousands of patients and cardholders visit each month to learn more about the program and manage their account online, a growing number of those are using mobile devices to access their account and make payments. In response, CareCredit has launched an optimized mobile site designed to provide a secure, user-friendly experience for smartphone users. The enhanced site provides the features patients have told CareCredit they want most from mobile account management.


On average, according to a new global survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Alcon, Americans have let three years pass since they last spoke to their eye doctor about proper contact lens care. To combat the “ick” factor that can accompany poor lens care habits, a national campaign entitled Pour That Out has been launched by Alcon to give patients and doctors quick tips for best use and comfort. Eyecare professionals can discuss solutions for the bad habits with patients, and point their patients to as a resource for best lens care practice.



Google's 'Zeitgeist' 2013: What Were The Top Searches, Queries and Trends?

By Marge Axelrad

NEW YORK—As the digital revolution has transformed so many aspects of people's personal and cultural lives, Google's year-end special report, the Zeitgeist Report is a multi-dimensional resource which is worth spending some time to explore.

It can help us tell what were the most-searched for topics, subjects, terms, people and the most-commented-upon news, trends, developments of the year.


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Do You Anticipate That You Will Invest More or Less Time And/Or More Money In Your Practice's Digital Media in 2014?

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