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October 16, 2013

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Heads Up
ODs See Google Glass' Potential

Energy Telecom's Industrial Strength Eyewear Technology

Sight Seeing
Eyejusters Intros SlideLens 2 System

Next Dimension
Rx 3D Eyewear from Boson


Heads Up

ODs See Potential for Google Glass to Enhance Eyecare

"OK, Glass, take a photo." For most Google Glass wearers, this typical voice command might yield a snapshot of a friend to be uploaded to the wearer's Facebook page. But for a Glass-wearing optometrist, it is just as likely to produce a close up image of a patient's anterior segment that can be shared with a corneal specialist during an online consultation.

Currently, only a handful of optometrists around the world are among the small but growing number of Glass "Explorers" and app developers who are trying out the device prior to its commercial launch in 2014. These tech-savvy ODs are already envisioning Glass as a valuable tool that can enhance their practice and their interactions with patients. Two of them, Matthew Alpert, OD of Alpert Vision Care in Woodland Hills, Calif. and Nikki Iravani, OD, founder of Global EyeVentures, which markets EyeXam, a mobile app that connects doctors with patients, shared their observations about Glass with Eye².



Hunters, Military and Workers Benefit From Eye Protection and Bluetooth Technology

Energy Telecom makes audio and Bluetooth-enabled safety eyewear for hunting, military, and industrial applications. However, the company's sleek, stylish products are sure to impress smartphone users, those who enjoying listening to music in high-fidelity, streaming stereo or any lover of high tech specs.

The latest offering from the St. Augustine, Fla.-based company is Honeywell ICOM eyewear, which provides premium eye protection combined with the latest Bluetooth technology. It is designed for work environments where protection and communication is essential, such as manufacturing, utilities, transportation and construction.


Sight Seeing

Eyejusters Debuts Improved Lens System for its Adjustable Readers

Eyejusters is rolling out a new version of its low-cost, adjustable reading glasses. Like the company's original product, the new glasses incorporate Eyejusters' proprietary SlideLens system, which is a highly developed version of the Alvarez lens. However, the glasses feature several significant improvements, according to Owen Reading, a partner in the company.

"The new glasses have got rid of the magnetic dials, and are now adjusted with small dials tucked behind the arms that remain attached all the time, but without spoiling the aesthetics," details Reading. "We've also taken the opportunity to simplify and improve our fantastic metal frames.



Next Dimension

Boson Offers Rx 3D Eyewear for Boosting Second-Pair Sales

The discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson has been making headlines recently, but a Scottsdale, Arizona-based start-up known simply as Boson is also attracting attention by being the first company to offer 3D polarized eyewear in prescription form. Established in 2010 by Christian Stewart, Nicolas Kane and Thomas Irwin, the company was spun off the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative at Arizona State University's Skysong Center for Innovation. Since then, the partners have concentrated on marketing 3D glasses, sunglasses and ophthalmic frames to consumers as well as to customers in the entertainment, electronics and medical industries.

Led by Kane, an optician who heads Boson's optical division, the company has developed proprietary 3D prescription lenses which it is targeting to optometrists and ophthalmologists, among others. The Rx 3D glasses are particularly useful for tasks such as eye surgery because they offer the wearer a wider field of view than clip-on lenses as well as better perception of surface material and better depth perception, according to Boson. The lenses also boost immersion, improve contrast ratios and reduce fatigue, the company said.


Andrew Karp, Group Editor, Lenses and Technology

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