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November 20, 2013

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Heads Up
Oakley Updates Airwave Goggle

Pivothead Launches SMART

Sight Seeing
New Retinal Implant

Peripheral Vision
Peek, a Smartphone-based Eye Exam Kit


Heads Up

Oakley Ups Its Game With Airwave 1.5 Goggle

A year ago, Oakley launched Airwave, a high tech ski goggle outfitted with heads-up display developed by Recon Instruments that integrates GPS, Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity and other features with a host of onboard sensors controlled by a wrist mounted device.

Now that competitors such as Zeal Optics and Smith Optics have also fielded Recon-equipped ski goggles, Oakley has upped its game with Airwave 1.5.



Pivothead Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Gen 2 Product

If you stopped by Vision Monday's Eye2 Zone at Vision Expo West last month, you probably noticed Pivothead, the stylish sports sunglasses with the high definition video camera mounted discretely in the bridge.

Last week, the company that produces the glasses, Pivothead Wearable Imaging, launched an Indiegogo campaign to connect with the developer market prior to the retail launch of its second generation product, Pivothead SMART (Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology). The campaign is off to a fast start, having raised almost 40 percent of its goal in the first two days.

Like Pivothead Gen 1, Pivothead SMART offers full 1080p video and 8 MP photos. In addition, Gen 2 features wireless, full HD live streaming that lets you live stream, in full HD for hours and hours at a time.


Sight Seeing

FIU Researcher Advances Retinal Implant That Could Restore Sight for the Blind

People who went blind as a result of certain diseases or injuries may have renewed hope of seeing again thanks to a retinal implant developed with the help of Florida International University's W. Kinzy Jones, a professor and researcher in the College of Engineering and Computing.

A tiny video camera mounted on special glasses captures the scene in the patient's environment, and a pocket controller relays the captured video signal to the implant. Inspired by cochlear implants that can restore hearing to some deaf people, the retinal implant works by electrically stimulating nerve cells that normally carry visual input from the retina to the brain, and bypassing the lost retinal cells.



Peripheral Vision

Researchers Use Smartphone Technology to Provide Comprehensive Eye Exams in Developing Countries

In the developing world, more people have access to a mobile phone than clean running water worldwide. That led a team of researchers based in London to developed Peek, a smartphone based system that can be used to conduct comprehensive eye examinations in even the remotest of settings. Easy to use, affordable and portable, Peek is empowering general health workers and eyecare practitioners to diagnose eye diseases and provide a means for managing and monitoring the treatment of patients, anywhere in the world.


Andrew Karp, Group Editor, Lenses and Technology

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