Santi Morales and Joseph Carbone
MIDVALE, Utah—EyeCare4Kids has announced it has officially helped 400,000 children access eyecare. Nine-year-old Santi Morales became the nonprofit’s 400,000th child helped when he visited a mobile clinic at a Salt Lake City-area Boys and Girls Club and received free vision care and eyeglasses. Established in 2001, EyeCare4Kids has both stand-alone and mobile clinics in four states. The nonprofit is also just three months away from the grand opening of its main clinic in Midvale, Utah, on October 29. This clinic will provide EyeCare4Kids with sufficient space to care for an additional 20,000 children annually in Utah.

Joseph Carbone, EyeCare4Kids’ founder and president, said, “It is an emotional time, a happy time and a time of reflection. Our goal has always been to help the one child, but when you do that year after year, for 20 years, in eight clinics, in four states, the numbers catch up to you. And today, as we celebrate the 400,000th child helped, we truly remember the faces and smiles of every single child as they put on their new glasses for the very first time.”

EyeCare4Kids is also in the process of launching its Sight The World—Any Child, Anywhere initiative, a global goal to provide screenings and eyeglasses to kids around the world through their digital devices. Carbone said, “We truly love every single child we help. Our goal is to reach one million children by 2025, and we know with the help of both individual and corporate donors, we can bring sight to every child who needs glasses.”