Health and wellness is one of the biggest consumer trends today. The enormous popularity of websites such as WebMD, VM’s parent company, shows that consumers are hungry for information that can help them pursue healthier lifestyles and make better product choices.

Eyewear is a natural fit with health and wellness, since its essential function is to help us see better and protect our eyes. One of the best ways for eyecare professionals to discuss health and wellness with patients is to talk with them about spectacle lenses that can enhance their vision and preserve sight when they are viewing screens on digital devices.

The range of eyewear and lens products that alleviate digital eye strain, including the effects of blue light, is broad and continuing to grow. Here are just a few examples of products released in the past year or two that can help patients make their screen time healthier and more comfortable.

To read more about digital eye strain, go to VM’s Issue Archives ( to access our Special Report titled Screen Time: Digital Eye Strain Abounds, But Awareness Lags Despite Screen Options.

Zeiss Debuts SmartLife, a New Lens Design Technology

Product: Zeiss SmartLife Lens Portfolio
Top Line: SmartLife lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision feature a new lens design concept that addresses the evolving visual needs and challenges posed by today’s digital, busy lifestyle.
Close Up: Over the past 10 years, the shift toward using technology while on-the-go has profoundly changed the way we use our eyes and resulted in a growing number of eyeglass wearers reporting symptoms such as eye strain, tired eyes, and head and neck aches.

VSP Optics Launches New SV Lens for Digital Eye Strain Relief

Product: Unity Relieve
Top Line: VSP Optics has launched Unity Relieve, a new single-vision lens designed to combat digital eye strain.
Close Up: Unity Relieve provides visual comfort for single-vision patients who use digital devices for two or more hours a day. The unique design offers unrestricted distance vision and a slight power boost in the bottom of the lens to help alleviate symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, etc., often caused by viewing screens, tablets, and smart phones. Unity Relieve lenses are automatically paired with TechShield Blue, a next-generation anti-reflective coating that reduces blue light exposure.

Hilco Vision Adds New Leader Blu-Ban Style

Quick Take: Hilco Vision is introducing Angelica, a new style from its Leader Blu-Ban collection.
Specifics: Angelica offers a variety of shapes and colors, features AR coating and reflects 85 percent of blue light. It is available in rose, teal, pink and Havana.
Selling Point: Sold individually or in a 40-piece assortment, including 4 frame colors per style ranging in powers from plano to +2.50, Angelica is a cost-effecitve blue light protection solution.

ClearVision Shows BluTech Kids’ Frames

Quick Take: ClearVision is sharing two children’s blue light blocking styles from BluTech.
Specifics: The two styles are On The Edge and Anne Droid. Both rectangular frames are available in two colors and feature details such as patterned fronts, color contrasting temple tips and corner details.
Selling Point: BluTech’s kids’ styles are fun and trendy while protecting eye health.

Signet Armorlite Intros Kodak PowerUp Lens

Product: Kodak PowerUp Lens
Top Line: Signet Armorlite is expanding its Kodak Lens portfolio with an enhanced single vision, Kodak PowerUp Lens.
Close Up: With the increasing use of digital devices, eyeglass wearers of all ages need vision support for prolonged, comfortable reading up close. Kodak PowerUp Lenses offer two levels of power boost in the reading area: 0.40D and 0.66D, for adults that are not ready for a progressive lens design.

Transitions Optical Launches Transitions Signature GEN 8

Product: Transitions Signature GEN 8
Top Line: Transitions Optical is launching the next generation of Transitions Signature lenses—Transitions Signature GEN 8. Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses are engineered with new proprietary technology that delivers the best overall photochromic lens performance, the brand said in a statement.
Close Up: The next generation of Transitions Signature lenses comes six years after the launch of Transitions Signature VII lenses with a new, breakthrough technology.