SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—RestoringVision, a global nonprofit dedicated to creating equitable access to vision services and eyeglasses for all individuals, is launching its "New Lens on Life" campaign and invites all to donate during the largest day of global giving on November 29, 2022—GivingTuesday. The campaign's goal is to raise $750,000 so that thousands of more lives can be empowered with the gift of clear vision before year’s end. Thanks to matching gift sponsor 20/20 Quest, a National Vision, Inc. foundation, the first $50,000 raised during RestoringVision’s New Lens on Life campaign will be doubled.

Every dollar donated to RestoringVision will help provide a vision screening and a pair of eyeglasses to a person living on less than $2 a day.

“When we create access to vision services, we’re not just restoring a person’s vision,” said Pelin Munis, CEO, RestoringVision. “We’re giving them a new lens on life: restoring their confidence, their educational and economic opportunities, and empowering individuals across the globe to unlock their full potential.”

Corporate or individual donors can contribute to the New Lens on Life campaign by clicking here. Since 2003, RestoringVision has reached over 19 million people in 136 countries with its programs.