LOS ALTOS, Calif.—With a goal to continuously improve myopia control adoption and outcomes, SightGlass Vision is presenting a range of new scientific studies and professional education at the 2023 BCLA Clinical Conference. Taking place from June 9-11 in Manchester, England, the event is expected to attract many of the world’s most prominent ocular health experts. “We are deeply committed to advancing myopia control, evidenced by our presentations at the BCLA conference plus recent efficacy, safety, and visual performance data reporting at ARVO in North America and COOC in China. Eyecare professionals can confidently prescribe Diffusion Optics Technology spectacle lenses, knowing the outcomes are supported by extensive science,” said Andrew Sedgwick, CEO of SightGlass Vision.

Among the SightGlass Vision presentations:

Three-Year Myopia Control Efficacy of DOT Spectacle Lenses in Young Children (Laughton D., et al.) centers on a sub-group of six-to-seven-year-olds who participated in the company’s pivotal Cypress clinical trial, with investigators noting expectations of highly progressive myopia and a paucity of efficacy data for this age group.

Reliability of Quality of Vision Questionnaire Results from Children (McParland M., et al.) assessed pediatric application of the Quality of Vision (QoV) questionnaire, which is more commonly used for adult refractive surgery and intraocular lens research. Investigators abbreviated the standard QoV instrument to focus on glare, hazy vision, and halos, then analyzed responses from Cypess clinical trial participants and from their parents/guardians across three years.

Peripheral Visual Function with DOT Spectacle Lenses for Myopia Control (Aboualizadeh E., et al.) debuts at the BCLA meeting, tapping into the rich Cypress data set to review long-term changes in peripheral visual acuity (VA) after three years of Diffusion Optics Technology spectacle lens wear. Compared to the baseline, peripheral VA improved or remained stable, with no significant differences between the DOT and standard single-vision groups.

SightGlass Vision has also organized one of eight prominent peer review track sessions at the conference: How Do Myopia Management Therapies Work and Does It Matter?, led by global myopia experts professor Nicola Logan and professor James Wolffsohn.

Spectacle lenses with SightGlass Vision Diffusion Optics Technology use thousands of micro-dots to softly scatter light to reduce contrast on the retina, a unique mechanism of action to control myopia progression in children. Over the last 18 months, this patent-protected technology with clinically proven efficacy made its commercial debut in several markets, including China, the Netherlands, and Israel, as well as through preliminary market trials in other countries. The company operates as a joint venture of CooperCompanies and EssilorLuxottica.