LONDON—Entries from professional and amateur photographers from all over the world are coming in to the 2021 World Sight Day Photo Competition of The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, even as the organization has extended its submission deadline to Oct. 18. The global competition, made possible with support from Bayer, is part of the IAPB World Sight Day #LoveYourEyes campaign which is being embraced by many international organizations and groups around the world including North America. World Sight Day 2021, an international day of awareness to focus attention on the global issue of eye health, is Wednesday, Oct. 14.

This year's IAPB World Sight Day photo competition is inviting submissions in four categories. Those include:
A picture capturing subject(s) receiving eye health services or care. This category showcases the importance of eye health, rehabilitation and access to services.

A portrait of an individual—can be posed or observed. This category demonstrates how each individual counts and has the right to be included—regardless of gender, age, ability, health, economic status or location.

A picture capturing subjects delivering health services. Health professionals, eye health and otherwise, are champions—pre-pandemic, during and post pandemic. This category celebrates their tireless efforts to ensure no one is leN behind.

4. ❤ HOPE
A picture that captures the magic of a moment. This category reminds us that during this time in history, there is joy, and hope for the future.
Submissions can be made here.   
As the agency noted, "The IAPB World Sight Day 2021 Photo Competition is an opportunity to demonstrate your photography skills and share with the world what  you see. We invite you to submit your interpretation of this year's theme, #LoveYourEyes. We are looking for images that capture a range of what it can mean to have healthy vision. Children who are reaching their full potential because of clear vision, older persons participating in society because of corrective surgery, the tireless efforts of health workers to ensure that no one is left behind or the hope for a brighter, healthier future." 
This year will mark the first time guest judges have been introduced to the competition. The judges include: world renowned celebrity photographer, Dave Hogan; founder and creator of The Valuable 500, Caroline Casey; multi-award-winning photographer, Michael Schoenfeld; journalist Marge Axelrad, SVP editorial director of Vision Monday and VMAIL; and inclusive eye health master trainer and consultant, Fatima Zehra.
The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is the overarching alliance for the global eye care sector with 150 members worldwide drawn from NGOs and civil society, corporate organizations, professional bodies and research and eye care institutions.