Coronavirus BRIEFING

Back-to-School Marketing: Reaching Out to Families, Even In a Year Like This

“Back to school” may mean something different than in previous years. It may mean continuing to learn from home, or it may mean young people spending half of their time at home and half in the physical classroom. Whatever the case, your young patients’ eye health and visual needs still need attention. Here is how my practice is reaching out to families to remind them of the importance of keeping their child’s annual eye exam, even in a year like this.

Families May Have Extra Money to Spend

It may be counter-intuitive, but some families may have more, rather than less, money to spend this back-to-school season. Whether or not the extra $600 per month unemployment benefit continues, it is likely there will be some form of financial help for families impacted by the pandemic. In addition to whatever government assistance may come, many families are saving money that they ordinarily would have spent on childcare. Many parents at home with offices closed means they do not need to spend money on a caregiver for their child. These potential extra sources of money create opportunities to serve patient needs and grow your practice’s revenues.

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