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COVID-19 Crisis Response Tactics: ABB Optical Group, EyecareLive, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Twelve84

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VM brings you the latest information from optical companies and organizations responding to the coronavirus. ABB Optical Group has entered a long-term relationship with EyecareLive to provide more options for eyecare professionals (ECPs) to connect with their patients during the continuing coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic and beyond. ABB Business Solutions brings EyecareLive’s doctor-owned, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform to ECPs as part of a special promotion as eyecare practices across the country begin to reopen their doors and look for ways to revitalize their business.

ABB customers can take advantage of implementing EyecareLive’s telemedicine solution in their practice at no cost for 60 days, currently the most competitive telemedicine solution offer in the eyecare industry.

“We are very excited to work together with EyecareLive to provide an even greater number of critical business solutions to our ECP customers. Across the country we are seeing an increase in the demand for varied methods of patient care as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Erika Jurrens, ABB Optical Group senior VP of strategy and commercialization. “Now is a critical time for ECPs to communicate and provide their patients with peace of mind and convenient access to their trusted eyecare professional through the use of telemedicine.”

Johnson & Johnson Vision is deploying solutions around the world to help address the challenges facing ECPs and their patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These support the broader efforts that parent company Johnson & Johnson is taking to curb the crisis, including development of a vaccine and providing equipment, products, and financial donations to support organizations and health care workers globally.

J&J Vision Initiatives that have launched in direct response to COVID-19, according to a recent announcement, include:

  • Supporting customers as business owners and employers. Tailoring approach by region and customer need, the company is working to minimize new burdens placed on ECPs to allow them to focus on their patients, businesses and families. This includes offering payment terms extensions, contract extensions, and rebate programs, as appropriate.
  • Introducing new virtual professional education resources, providing live trainings, webinars, and on-demand podcasts to help practitioners stay up-to-date on product innovations, clinical techniques, and resources for small business owners.
  • Supporting the next generation of ECPs, collaborating with professional bodies worldwide to support students. For example, Johnson & Johnson Vision partnered with the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) to create virtual educational sessions to help optometry students meet graduation requirements when academic institutions faced interruptions that threatened graduation for the entire optometry class of 2020 nationwide.
  • Providing new digital resources for patients. Johnson & Johnson Vision is collaborating with experts in all regions to develop educational resources and materials for ECPs, consumers, media, and government officials, offering educational content on contact lens safety at and hosting a Live Chat Agent to address real-time patient questions. Also, Johnson & Johnson Vision launched a 51-day education campaign on eye health, infection prevention and safe contact lens wear in Asia Pacific, and is collaborating with the Centre of Ocular Research & Education (CORE) to educate on contact lens safety in the U.S.

“As markets begin a slow return to business, Johnson & Johnson Vision’s efforts are shifting to focus on how we can help eyecare professionals and practice leaders reopen safely for patients and employees alike,” Dr. Rajesh K. Rajpal, chief medical officer and global head of clinical and medical affairs, said in the announcement. “Then, how we can quickly pivot to better serve the practices of tomorrow—using what we’ve learned through this shared experience. That’s the next horizon for innovation at Johnson & Johnson Vision.”

Twelve84 is offering free KN95 masks to optical practices. The masks have a CE certification as well as FDA approval, and are available in packs of five. So far, Twelve84 has supplied thousands of masks in an effort to ease the burden on optometric staff that have found it difficult to source protective masks in time for their reopening to patients.

Natasha Vora, CEO of Twelve84 and Optical X, LLC, said, “We just want to do our part in giving back to the community. What better way than providing some form of protection to a profession that makes social distancing a challenge."

Interested practices can place orders for one mask per staff member by visiting the Twelve84 website.

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