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COVID-19 Crisis Response Tactics: Essilor Vision Foundation, Eye Designs Group, Shamir


VM brings you the latest information from optical companies and organizations responding to the coronavirus. Over the last few weeks, Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) has partnered with Essilor of America to donate nearly 10,000 pieces of protective safety glasses to hospitals and crisis response organizations in Dallas and Ohio as well as to optometry schools conducting emergency services throughout the U.S. The accompanying photos are from Sight for All United, an EVF partner, which helped distribute some of the safety glasses in its community last week.

For today, Giving Tuesday, EVF will match any donation 1:1. Click here to make a donation.

Eye Designs Group has begun production of an optical specific freestanding protective germ shield/sneeze guard. The guard is designed to sit on dispensing tables to protect staff and patients, and measures 24”w x 36”h. The design, exclusive to the Eye Designs Group, features streamlined cutouts on both sides allowing opticians to reach around and properly fit eyewear. They are compatible with most dispensing tables, are easy to sanitize, and can be moved to other dispensing areas with ease. They also knock down for easy storage for when not in use, and have a simple assembly process.

Eye Designs Group currently has a limited amount of shields in stock, but plans to make more available in the coming weeks, the company said in a statement. For more information, call (800) 346-8890 or email

To assist mask-wearers who also wear glasses, particularly those in medical teams, Shamir Insight is piloting a technology called Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog, that permanently prevents the build-up of vapor on the lens without any type of activator or rejuvenation spray. The coating itself was initially developed for athletes in 2018. With the outbreak of COVID-19, Shamir has accelerated manufacturing to launch the product within the coming weeks, rather than at the end of the year, as originally planned.

Shamir said that its initial priority for Glacier Anti-Fog will be to provide the resources necessary for first responders and health care professionals wearing PPE, masks, and face shields, in hospital institutions where COVID-19 is highly saturated. As more manufacturing becomes readily available, Glacier Anti-Fog will be made accessible to consumers through their eyecare professionals. Shamir is in the process of developing a roll-out launch plan in stages.

"Shamir is a fast and agile company,” said Shamir CEO Raanan Naftalovich. “We are able to immediately shift R&D focus to products that benefit our customers and their patients.

Shamir will donate to charity a portion of proceeds from the sales of Glacier Anti-Fog. More information is available at

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