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This year, March brings with it a joyless anniversary. It's been a long, arduous 3 years since the onset of the pandemic that overwhelmed our nation's hospitals and health systems. And, as of February 1, 2023, it resulted in a staggering 1,106,824 deaths in the U.S.

When the federal government's Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 expires in mid-May, the country will enter a post-pandemic transition phase. What will this look like? Are we really out of the woods?

True, our healthcare system has come a long way in combatting the virus and in tackling the myriad logistical challenges. But the damage inflicted on population health persists and the fallout from COVID continues to exact a substantial financial toll on hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Findings of a status report published by the American Hospital Association underscore serious threats to the financial viability of hospitals in communities across the country. Compared with pre-pandemic levels:

●   Profit margins were projected to be down 37%, with more than half of hospitals experiencing negative margins through 2022.

●   Already substantially elevated, expenses were projected to increase by the end of 2022 to $135 billion over 2021 levels.

●   Related challenges (e.g., staffing shortages, supply chain issues) have not abated.

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