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The Lancet Commission called for a major overhaul to the World Health Organization (WHO) and global health policy following the estimated deaths of more than 17 million people worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This staggering death toll is both a profound tragedy and a massive global failure at multiple levels," according to their 58-page report published in The Lancet, a result of 2 years of collaboration between 11 global task forces, 100 consultants, and 28 world-leading experts in public policy, international governance, epidemiology, vaccinology, economics, international finance, sustainability, and mental health.

The Commission recommended that the WHO "be transformed and bolstered by a substantial increase in funding," as well as "increased and more effective investment for both pandemic preparedness and health systems in developing countries, with a focus on primary care, achieving universal health coverage, and disease control more generally." Head over to MedPage Today to read more about it.