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VSP Offers New Telemedicine Support Guide for ECPs

Product: VSP Global has launched a virtual clearinghouse of information and support around telemedicine on its Provider Hub.
Top Line: More resources are being offered to help ECPs consider, implement, and navigate telemedicine in their practices in the wake of changes to the eyecare industry.
Close Up: As new ways of staying connected and seeing patients are evolving, the awareness and availability of telemedicine has rapidly increased. Doctors of Optometry are now researching, evaluating, and implementing telemedicine into their practice to continue seeing patients in this new environment.
“Telemedicine has historically been a sensitive topic in eyecare, but throughout COVID-19, it has provided an important solution to safely increase access to care and keep patients and doctors connected virtually during the pandemic,” said Mary Anne Murphy, OD, vice chair Of VSP Global’s board of directors. “VSP’s position has consistently maintained that telemedicine should always have a doctor involved.”
In addition to FAQs, webinars, podcasts, and marketing materials, the site’s newest offering is a guide for practices considering telemedicine. VSP has developed these guidelines based on learnings and best practices from working with ODs across the United States. The guide, “The Keys to Implementing Telemedicine in Your Practice,” is available for free here.