Coronavirus BRIEFING

Where Coronavirus Is Spreading Fastest

New cases of COVID-19 across the U.S. continue to go up, accounting for over a fourth of all new global cases on Wednesday. While the Eastern U.S. was the primary source of early cases in March and April, states from all parts of the country are now experiencing record surges and are becoming global hotspots for the virus.

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows Louisiana as having the fastest rate of COVID-19 case growth over the past two weeks, with the seven-day average of new cases up 112 percent vs. two weeks ago. Tennessee and Georgia followed close behind, with growth rates of 84 percent and 74 percent, respectively, over the past two weeks.

However, the new hotspots for the past month have been accumulating in Florida, Texas and California. Rates of growth for these three states are still some of the highest in the nation, while average cases per day over the past week are rivaling those of New York in March and April. Florida is now leading the country in average cases per day, with an average of 11,119 this past week—many originating from the new hotspot of Miami. Texas and California are close behind, with average cases per day last week of 9,079 and 8,886, respectively.