A technician uses the IDx-Dr system to test a patient.

CORALVILLE, Iowa—Digital Diagnostics announced that it is partnering with ArchWell Health to bring IDx-DR, its proprietary autonomous AI diagnostic system, to ArchWell Health centers across the U.S, according to an announcement. IDx-DR is designed to detect diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema at the point-of-care. Earlier this year Digital Diagnostics, based here, changed its name from IDx, as VMAIL reported. ArchWell Health, based in Nashville, Tenn., is a health care company serving seniors.

“ArchWell Health is committed to improving patient outcomes and patient experience and we are honored to help further that mission by bringing IDx-DR to ArchWell members across the U.S.,” said Sean Murnane, senior vice president of commercial at Digital Diagnostics. “We are excited to place our autonomous AI system in ArchWell Health centers as a part of their mission to create a wellness-focused community by bringing new and exciting innovations to their patients to continually improve the member experience as they scale.”
Dr. Don Goddard, national director of primary care at ArchWell Health, commented, “Using innovative technology like IDx-DR gives us the opportunity to diagnose diabetic eye disease with AI at the point-of-care without physician oversite in the early stages for people who may never have had access to a diabetic eye exam before. We know that the earlier a person is diagnosed, the greater chance they have of preserving their vision, and we are looking forward to adding another high-quality service for our members as we continue working to improve patient experience and outcomes.”