Thousands of eye injuries happen every day, spanning accidents at home, in amateur or professional sports or in the workplace. In fact, Prevent Blindness estimates that eye injuries in the workplace are very common. More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day. About 1 in 10 injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from. For optical retailers and independent eyecare professionals, though, the opportunity to take part in helping employers protect their workers with the right prescription safety eyewear remains a major practice enhancer and bottom-line opportunity.
Major Rx Safety suppliers and laboratories across the country take part in programs that enable ECPs to serve the needs for those workers who must see well to do their jobs safely, to protect injury or infection.
Taking part in Rx Safety with many turnkey programs offered by labs and suppliers can help create a distinct specialty for practices in their local and regional communities, eyewear safety executives agree. In the Special Report titled, Eye Protection Via Rx Safety Programs Allows ECPs to Make a Difference, VM highlights some of the leading Rx Safety eyewear programs and offerings currently available.