Optical Retailers Go Green: Web Resources

More and more retailers are deciding to go green to give back to the environment. There are an infinite number of Web sites devoted to providing green resources:

Harvard Business Review - HBR Green
The Harvard Business Review, a business magazine featuring current business articles, business case studies geared toward helping retailers stay green in a harsh economic climate.

Global Green
Global Green USA is a national environmental organization focusing on global climate change by creating green buildings and cities and providing clean, safe drinking water for the 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water.

Business for Social Responsibility
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is the world leader in corporate social responsibility, research and consulting. In-depth reports, news summaries, best practices and links are available. Topics include: corporate social responsibility; business ethics; community economic development; environment; governance and accountability.

Conservation International
Conservation International is dedicated to demonstrating that humanity can live harmoniously with nature. The Web site offers an abundance of articles, videos and media that focus on ways to conserve in order to preserve the environment.

National Retail Federation
The NRF is the world’s largest retail organization.
In addition to articles on its website and its STORES Magazine, conferences and meetings, one of NRF’s committees is the Sustainable Retailing Consortium which brings together retailers, manufacturers, vendors and organizations involved in sustainability efforts and monitors green initiatives.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club is devoted to cleaning up our vehicles, buildings, and electricity grid to drastically cut carbon emissions and curb global warming. The Web site features global warming solutions, factsheets and reports, a clean car campaign as well as video and an Email Newsletter.
--Amy Grech