Product: Alcon Fidelis Virtual Reality Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator
Top Line: Alcon is introducing the Alcon Fidelis Virtual Reality (VR) Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator, a portable VR tool for cataract surgeons-in-training. As part of the Alcon Experience Academy, the VR simulator offers a high-fidelity, virtual operating room environment with haptic feedback to simulate the look and feel of cataract surgery. The simulator can be used from any location around the world with the ability to invite others to join virtual instruction and training sessions. It represents an important step in increasing access to surgical simulators around the world, according to Alcon.
Close Up: The portable Fidelis VR Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator features:
• A VR headset, two haptic engines and an integrated Centurion footswitch
• A realistic virtual OR environment, complete with Alcon equipment
• The ability to connect with other remote users and instructors within the same virtual OR
• Real-time feedback and performance tracking over time to enhance surgeon technique
Vital Stats: Alcon’s Fidelis VR Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator will be introduced at the upcoming American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) meeting, where surgeons can experience Fidelis first-hand. 
Following ASCRS, Alcon will be providing Fidelis VR Simulators to its Phaco Development (PD) program, which is designed to elevate techniques and skillsets of surgeons through training in developing markets to establish sustainable cataract and patient care services in underserved communities. The PD program is a core part of Alcon’s corporate social responsibility efforts to increase access to quality eyecare through training and skills-transfer, with the goal of improving sight for people around the world. Fidelis will be available to teaching and residency programs later this year. The Fidelis VR Surgical Simulator will also offer virtual reality experiences on ocular anatomy and physiology to help educate eyecare professionals. Surgeons will be able to demo the Fidelis VR Simulator at the ASCRS Alcon booth.