Evoq Technologies’ SmartERG Platform, a smartphone-based biosensor technology for detecting retinal diseases.
HENDERSON, Nev.—Evoq, a medical technology startup based here, announced the FDA registration of the first in its family of products based on its proprietary smartphone-based biosensor technology. Dubbed the “SmartERG” Platform, it is built to test the eye’s retinal health in unique ways, the company said. The direct-to-consumer technology works by using a smartphone to flash a controlled light at the eye, which evokes an electrical-physiological response from the retina that can reveal information about its health.

When visual responses are delayed or reduced, they are often signatures of disease that leads to vision loss or blindness. The test data is collected on the smartphone and then analyzed under the guidance of a health care provider.

“Our SmartERG Platform will offer a revolutionary delivery method for ophthalmic patient care; with the force multipliers of simple connection of patient to provider, cloud-based analytical services, and a perfect fit for artificial intelligence,” said Daniel Lindgren, president of Evoq Technologies. “We are paving the way for cost-effective screening for retinal disease, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma effectively using the same standard-of-care as equivalent legacy diagnostic devices, but at a fraction of the cost, delivered worldwide.”

Evoq Technologies is a privately held company based in Henderson, Nevada that is focused on improving the technology available to doctors and scientists to enable them to discover and develop new treatments for blindness, low vision, and other neurological diseases.

Evoq Technologies is comprised of an experienced team of scientists and engineers, clinicians, and seasoned business professionals who are skilled at bringing new medical devices to market. The company founders have developed products designed for the ophthalmic and visual science communities through a family of companies including Xenotec, OcuScience, and now Evoq Technologies.

The company has also developed the Biophotometer, a smartphone-based, Class 1 medical device for dark adaptation impairment testing. In 2022, Evoq will conduct clinical evaluations of its ophthalmic biosensor and specialty stimulators for submission as class II medical devices with the FDA.