Product: Imaging Module 910 Slit Lamp
Top Line: At last month’s Vision Expo, Haag-Streit USA debuted its new Imaging Module 910 slit lamp, which the company called its “solution for the increasing demand for slit lamp documentation that provides outstanding images at the push of a button.”
Close Up: The Imaging Module 910 has been designed to get outstanding images while allowing eyecare professionals to fully concentrate on examining their patients. It is instantly ready by the turn of a knob and does not require using a software. Capturing images is equally easy, pressing the camera trigger button is all that it takes. The Imaging Module 910 is equipped with an improved camera sensor and superb optics. Smart features in the background like a performant auto-exposure mode and automatic aperture control guarantee great illumination at all times. Additionally the image selection algorithm chooses the best image possible, Haag-Streit said, result in a striking image with every shot. Frank Wenger, head of product management general diagnostics at Haag-Streit, said, “By now, most eyecare specialists appreciate the benefits of slit lamp documentation to record findings and educate patients. However, only a small fraction finds the current solutions completely satisfactory. The success rate of conclusive images is often disappointing and spending more than a couple of seconds on image capturing is heavily disrupting to clinical workflows. As the leader in slit lamp imaging, we felt obliged to overcome these challenges, that’s why we designed the Imaging Module 910.”
Vital Stats: The Imaging Module 910 can be used in different ways. In “standalone” mode, it stores images directly in the EMR system and no extra software is needed. When working in EyeSuite mode, image editing and other features are available.; (866) 370-6591