NEW YORK—The Fourth of July means Independence Day here in the U.S. and on Wednesday, people found different ways to celebrate the day. From trips to the beach, barbecues, and of course, fireworks, ECPs from across the nation found a way to commemorate the holiday with their patients—even if they were not in the same space. Some spent quality time with family—taking new babies to the beach for the first time—others made sure that their four-legged friends were equally a part of the festivities and for most it was about the beautiful fireworks at the end of an eventful day.

With so much anticipation surrounding the Fourth of July fireworks, Prevent Blindness, warned the public about the dangers of fireworks. As VMAIL reported, Prevent Blindness is a member of the National Fire Protection Association’s “Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks,” and it supports the development and enforcement of bans on the importation, sale and use of all fireworks and sparklers, except those used in authorized public displays by competent licensed operators.

Firework-related injuries to the eye include contusions, lacerations and foreign bodies, stated Prevent Blindness.
With the Fourth of July only days behind us, VMAIL Weekend pulled together a small compilation of some of the celebrations posted on social media.