Neil Moser wearing Jean Phillipe Joly with his dog Kindle.
Jenna Bye (l) in Matsuda and Laura Bye in Jean Phillipe Joy with SOS’s mascot, Micke.
WATERLOO, Ontario—Last month, our neighbors from the north released some photos that made our hearts melt. Insight Eye Care collaborated with Save Our Scruff (SOS), a charity organization that finds homes for dogs, to create a perfect photoshoot that married Insight Eye Care’s stylish frames with Save Our Scruff’s adorable dogs.

The photoshoot with SOS was one of four that Insight Eye Care orchestrates every year. In the past, the practice has paired with coffee shops, comic book stores, stylists and boutiques to organize both product and fashion shoots that promote everyone involved. Participating frame designers have benefitted from these shoots: both ROLF Spectacles and Jean Phillipe Joly have discovered Insight Eye Care’s photoshoots and used some of the images at international trade shows.

Neil Moser, Insight Eye Care’s marketing manager and buyer, organized the shoot. “We’re always looking for like-minded companies to pair up with for photoshoots, especially the ones that don’t have the resources to do something like this on their own,” said Moser. “SOS was perfect because they are a nonprofit organization and their cause is close to our hearts.”

The photoshoot included sisters Laura and Jenna Bye, Save Our Scruff’s founder and executive director, respectively. Moser, along with fellow Insight Eye Care employees Maressa Dixon and Nicole Wagler also modeled for the shoot. Cute canine models were provided by both SOS and Insight Eye Care employees. Insight Eye Care’s marketing assistant, Troy Dettwiler, was the photographer for the photoshoot.

Moser brought a trunk of full of his favorite lines and fit the models on site, choosing what to photograph based on what looked best and what brands he wanted to advertise. Eyewear featured in the shoot included Anne et Valentin, Thierry Lasry, Etnia Barcelona, Jean Philippe Joly, Kirk & Kirk, l.a. Eyeworks, Matsuda, Mykita and ROLF Spectacles.

Despite the challenge of having animals on set and the looming threat of a thunderstorm, the shoot was a success; the result is a collection of striking photos that showcases loveable dogs and luxury eyewear.

“People see the dogs and love everything about it,” said Moser. “Whether they have a dog or not, they feel connected to the pictures of these rescued dogs. It makes them want to support companies like SOS and it’s great publicity for us.”

In addition to being posted on social media and Insight Eye Care’s blog, the photos will be displayed at local independent cinemas where people who appreciate independents will hopefully be inspired to check out Insight Eye Care’s unique frames.

>Exceptional photoshoots aren’t the only savvy marketing tool that Insight Eye Care utilizes. As well as keeping active social media pages, they maintain a noteworthy website with a creative staff page and a blog that features their latest eyewear, events and photoshoots.

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