Four Exhibitors to Debut New Booths at Vision Expo East

NEW YORK—Nouveau, Safilo, WestGroupe and Kenmark are some of the companies that have redesigned their booths for Vision Expo East. The new areas are offering more space, lounging areas and conference rooms, as well as space for showcasing brands and educating attendees about product.

ImageWear and Nouveau Eyewear will be unveiling a new booth and conference area for 2017. The new area spans 1,800 square feet and is shared by the two divisions of Walman.

The new booth (#2421), designed and constructed by Gilbert Displays—a company that combines architecture with branding mastery in the creation and tailoring of custom trade show exhibits, commercial interiors, graphics solutions and special event services—features a guest check-in area, illuminated frame displays, two conference rooms, a lounge area and multiple guest service stations.

(Top) Safilo visitors will be able to view a live cinematic Instant Experience of Polaroid’s polarized lenses visualized through a
special monitor. Safi lo has organized an exclusive photography exhibit called American Eyes shot by Italian artist Gianluca Vassallo.
The new booth for ImageWear and Nouveau Eyewear’s spans 1,800 square feet and will be shared by the two divisions of Walman.
Included in the showroom area is Revolution Eyewear and its revitalized collection of magnetic clip-on eyewear. The collection will be shown in full at the ImageWear/Nouveau Eyewear Vision Expo East booth.

Last May, Walman acquired Revolution Eyewear, a leading frame company with magnetic clip-on eyewear. Revolution Eyewear now shares operations with ImageWear and Nouveau Eyewear benefiting from award-winning and industry-leading customer service, logistics, product development and marketing teams.

“Revolution Eyewear changed our industry with its creativity, design and technology. Its energy has been a welcome addition to the Walman family,” said Doug Schlauderaff, general manager and vice president of ImageWear.

Safilo Group will highlight several new brand initiatives and experiences for visitors to its booth (#2749) throughout the show. Safilo: A Vision Beyond Frames will be a dedicated virtual reality experience area within the booth for the eponymous Safilo branded eyewear collection, relaunching in Fall 2017.

With Elasta and Emozioni: American Eyes, Safilo will be reintroducing the Elasta men’s ophthalmic brand and the Emozioni women’s ophthalmic brands in the U.S. market this Spring. To celebrate, Safilo has organized an exclusive photography exhibit called American Eyes shot by Italian artist Gianluca Vassallo.

The product collections will be highlighted in the booth with a teaser of some of the portraits from the photo exhibition also running during the weekend of the show at NY’s Caelum Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibition can also be found on Safilo’s new digital museum, which will be on display at the booth.

Safilo visitors are also invited to view a live cinematic Instant Experience of Polaroid’s polarized lenses visualized through a special monitor. And, following its success at CES 2017, SAFILOX uses brain wave sensing technology and integrates Interaxon’s Muse into Smith Lowdown sunglasses. Visitors, by invitation, will be able to preview the special technology.

WestGroupe’s redesigned booth will feature a bright open concept reflecting the company’s fashion-forward, contemporary take on eyewear.
The new Kenmark booth will focus heavily on imagery with #KenmarkGetsReal campaign pictures.
WestGroupe will be unveiling their completely redesigned booth (#2637) which features a bright open concept and reflects WestGroupe’s fashion-forward, contemporary take on eyewear, the company stated. The lounge-inspired seating areas at the front of the booth add a welcoming atmosphere to the new, sophisticated design.

“When we were designing the new booth, we wanted to create a more intimate, uncluttered setting that would put the focus on our collections,” said Michael Suliteanu, president of WestGroupe. “I think that we have succeeded in creating an inviting environment for our customers to come and experience our premium selection of eyewear brands.”

With private meeting rooms located at either end of the booth and bright, uncluttered order desks, customers will be able to see the latest collections in their best light. In addition, the new booth also features glass display cases located around the perimeter where the latest styles will be showcased.

Kenmark has redesigned and added new elements within its booth (#2141) as part of their rebranding from Kenmark Group to Kenmark Eyewear. In an effort to share more, the company has simplified the look and feel of the booth to reflect the clear and focused direction it aims to be moving in for the future. Kenmark will still be keeping with its core values of designing original, high quality product, delivering good customer service and giving attention to detail into all aspects of the company.

The redesigned booth will be displaying the product in one core area with small bits on display throughout, while also focusing heavily on imagery with #KenmarkGetsReal campaign pictures. Kenmark will be using its new color palette—mixed with rich woods, modern elements and fresh greenery—to decorate the booth and create a clean, simple feel, the company stated. Their aim is to make deeper connections with customers as well as expand and share about the brand as a whole and the brands it carries.