(L to R) MyEyeDr.’s Dr. Andy Cook and Dr. Artis Beatty with Dr. Robert Layman (president of the AOA) and Dr. Jeff Strand, of MyEyeDr.
VIENNA, Va.—During the American Optometric Association’s annual Optometry’s Meeting in Chicago last month, MyEyeDr. received several awards and recognition for its team and for its commitment to promoting and protecting the practice of optometry across the country. “As one of the country’s largest vision health care providers, MyEyeDr. understands its unique position to move our profession forward, and is proud of these recent honors,” the company noted in a recent announcement about the awards. “While we are excited about the recognition, we are most proud of the work that we contribute on behalf of the optometric profession,” MyEyeDr. chief executive officer Sue Downes said.

“In partnership with the AOA, we know that we can expand public awareness of the importance of vision health and wellness and the key role that optometry plays,” she said.

Added Dr. Artis Beatty, MyEyeDr.’s chief medical officer, “Everyone needs to remain engaged in protecting optometry and guiding it into the future. We thank the AOA for consistently putting important eyecare issues forward so that we can all stay focused on keeping optometry strong.”

 Dr. Sam Pierce, a practicing MyEyeDr. optometrist.
The awards MyEyeDr. received during Optometry’s Meeting are:

  • American Optometric Association’s (AOA) President’s Award

    This prestigious award is given annually to individuals who tirelessly advocate for eye and vision health care. This year, four members of the MyEyeDr. team were selected for this honor: Dr. Artis Beatty, chief medical officer; Dr. Andy Cook, legislative liaison; Dr. Jeff Strand, director of clinical excellence; and Dr. Sam Pierce, a MyEyeDr. optometrist practicing in Trussville, Ala. Pierce also is the chair of the AOAExcel board and a former president of the AOA.

  • Optometry Cares Recognition (Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation is “committed to seeing its vision come to fruition—raising awareness about the importance of eye health, increasing access to vision care, and providing support to doctors of optometry and students in need.”)

    The Foundation presented this recognition to MyEyeDr. "with gratitude for [its] contribution and commitment.” MyEyeDr. has contributed financially to support the Foundation’s goals, which align seamlessly with the MyEyeDr. mission.

  • Silver Supporter of the AOA

    MyEyeDr. is a 2022 Silver Supporter of the AOA and received a monument "in recognition of active and committed support for Optometry and the AOA.” This recognition reinforces the commitment to working together as a profession to advance common goals—comprehensive vision health and wellness access and services for all people.

  • Founding Member, AOA Advocacy Roundtable

    MyEyeDr. is a 2022 founding participant of the AOA Advocacy Roundtable. The Roundtable’s mission is “to help assure the success of optometry’s public policy agenda through the establishment of an interactive forum for supporters of optometry and the AOA to evaluate and discuss the legislative and regulatory policy issues in Washington, D.C. and state capitals that stand to impact the practice and profession of optometry.” MyEyeDr. received this recognition "with appreciation from the American Optometric Association.”
The AOA and AOA Foundation recognized MyEyeDr. with awards for (l to r) AOA Advocacy Roundtable, Silver-level AOA support recognition and the Optometry Cares-AOA Foundation award.

For more information about the Roundtable, visit the site here.

In its announcement, MyEyeDr. said that it is “proud and humbled by all of this recognition from the industry for our work to advance optometry into the future, protect independent optometry, and encourage others within the profession to join our common cause.”