HOUSTON—Heru Inc., an innovator in vision diagnostics and augmentation platforms, announced a partnership with Vision Source, which will serve as the worldwide launch partner for re:Vive, the wearable diagnostic and visual field application, according to an announcement Friday. Heru said its re:Vive is the wearable portable solution that does not require a designated dark room, allowing physicians to collect vital clinical data anytime during a patient’s visit, with  no additional testing space required. The companies said, “re:Vive will transform the waiting room, enable physicians to use an existing pre-test space, or perform diagnostic exams between practices or even remote locations.” Heru is a med tech spinoff from the University of Miami’s renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

“Heru partnered with Vision Source, North America’s largest network of independent optometrists, to embrace the medical optometry community,” Heru chief executive officer and founder Mohamed Abou Shousha, MD, PhD, said in the announcement. “With access to their network of over 3,600 locally owned practices and 4,500 doctors, Heru is helping empower eyecare physicians with breakthrough technology that will provide better access to care for their patients.”

Heru’s patented re:Imagine threshold algorithm adapts and predicts an optimized full-threshold testing workflow without compromising clinical performance, ensuring continuity of care with clinical results comparable to the Humphrey perimeter, a universally used static perimetry system to measure and examine visual fields, especially for glaucoma management, the announcement noted.

“We are thrilled to be Heru’s worldwide launch partner,” added Dr. John McCall, a senior vice president at Vision Source. “With their innovative technology and our network of independent optometrists, we have the potential to transform eyecare.”

Heru said that its re:Vive improves productivity with its patented AutoWorkflow, which minimizes the time needed to detect disease and can improve staff’s efficiency. Unlike legacy technology that requires patients to fixate on a static location for uncomfortable lengths of time, Heru’s patented ActiveTrack real-time gaze tracking confirms the patient’s fixation is always appropriate, improving data quality while keeping the patient engaged and focused throughout the exam.

“Doctors and staff members can now spend less time on testing and more time on what matters most—providing care and solutions to patients,” said Dr. Amir Khoshnevis, Vision Source’s chief medical officer.

Heru recently announced an expansion to its executive team and a $30 million Series A funding round, led by global investment firm D1 Capital Partners with participation from SoftBank’s SB Opportunity Fund and existing investors, as VMAIL reported. The funding will be used to continue advancing the FDA-registered diagnostic platform, the company said.