Achievers, Doers, Explorers, Visionaries

Certainly men and women, both (!) are helping to shape the vision care and optical business every single day. The power of this annual report, though, is to particularly reinforce the stories of women as their professional roles, contributions and perspectives in virtually all sectors of the eyecare realm and eyewear business have been evolving and becoming more visible over time.

It might surprise many readers out there to learn that sometimes we’re still asked “why” Vision Monday needs to do this special “Most Influential Women in Optical” report. “Doesn’t everyone make a contribution to the future of this industry?” “Why single out women?” “Is this ‘necessary’…?”

Well, we say…um, hell, yes. It wasn’t always the case in this field that women were as involved in professional career positions that drove business, created new markets, enhanced awareness, oversaw products, determined buying, operations, finance and systems. That they offered ways for newcomers and entrepreneurs to envision a new path, create avenues for growth and teaching as well as shaping new connections with patients and customers.

In fact, I like to view our “lists” as a representative wave of the “front line” among executive suite, rising stars, mentors and innovators. It’s constantly changing and the women who’ve been among our past honorees have paved the way for this wave. Many are still influencing vision and optical’s future every day. And behind them are supportive teams of men and women colleagues and bosses who want to see them succeed.

Join us in reading their individual stories. And, start to look around and think of next year’s MIW possibilities. Because, yep, we’re gonna keep doing this report. Thanks.