It didn’t take too much time to notice a singular trend that pervaded this month’s Vision Expo West. Here’s just a topline glimpse of what was on view at the show, which we’ve also communicated about via Vision Monday, VMail and VMail Technology:

  • technology that enables truly customized spectacle lens prescriptions
  • and measurements/fittings
  • new retinal scanners that provide insights into patients’ vision and total health care issues
  • mobile apps that provide insights to patients about their eye health,
  • refer them to a practitioner and make an appointment
  • smartphone apps that sustain a constant connection between patients
  • and doctors
  • tablet apps that take the patient’s files along, through the comprehensive eye exam with the doctor and into their browsing and fitting choices in
  • the dispensary
  • new lens designs that specifically address patients’ ‘fourth’ mobile
  • viewing zone
  • new 360-degree virtual try on systems that enable patients to see themselves in frames, turn their head and see the side/temple view

And, of course, there’s more, more and more.

Some naysayers believe that this new era of technology in vision care is giving consumers/patients “too much” information and control over what they need to know to get quality vision care or proper vision correction. These points of view underscore a distrust about technology, a belief that it removes control from the doctor or dispenser and puts more power in the sights of patients. That technology is intimidating. That it is replacing human interaction. That it is “complicating” the traditional doctor/patient relationship. That it’s a hassle for the front office staff. That it should just (please) go away.

Hopefully that ‘naysayer’ is not you. Hopefully, you are taking the opposite of those views as well as a deep breath…and are starting to embrace the change.

Because technology is exciting. It’s promising. It’s challenging. And it’s the opportunity for your vision care practice and your optical dispensary to take a firm step into the modern world, to differentiate and to succeed.