Earlier this month, I was fortunate to celebrate another year around the sun. While I treat every year as a “milestone” birthday (after all, you only turn each age once), I definitely understand making an extra splash for certain years. At 18, for example, you legally become an adult, which is a huge deal.

And at 21 you’re legally allowed to cope with those new responsibilities of said adulthood with a nice cocktail. That’s an even bigger deal.

But I’m not the only one celebrating a birthday this month. Vision Expo West is commemorating its “Dirty Thirty” this year, and we’re all invited! If you regularly read VMail Weekend, you might have seen the Today’s Read from VM’s executive editor, Mary Kane, as she took us down memory lane to showcase just how much has changed since Vision Expo West’s inception 30 years ago.

To celebrate this milestone, the show is rolling out a range of new attractions.

Vision Expo has released a new video and launched an accompanying social media contest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Vision Expo West 2018 in Las Vegas. To participate, followers on Vision Expo’s Facebook page are asked to comment on the video with #IMREADY #VISIONTURNS30 to be entered into the contest.

The show has also introduced an expansive scope of education, products, trends and solutions to keep attendees up-to-date on best practices, retail strategies and practice management.

In addition to this, Vision Expo has launched the BLOCK, an extension of the Galleria featuring celebrity-influenced and independently designed urban eyewear. In this new exhibit hall destination, attendees will find a customized environment that complements urban eyewear.

It seems like Vision Expo West 2018 is gearing up to be quite the celebration. So, happy birthday to Vision Expo West and happy birthday to me.