Christine Morra, creator
and author of Morra
Than Meets The Eye.
In this new section of VMail Weekend, we’re featuring innovative ECPs, and other influencers, who have taken to telling their own stories and sharing professional perspectives via blogs, vlogs and Instagram accounts, to educate the public and share their love of the optical industry. This week we bring you Christine Morra, OD, creator of Morra Than Meets The Eye.

Although relatively new to the blogosphere, Morra has been gaining traction since she started her blog, Morra Than Meets The Eye, this past March. Morra’s topics range from eye health and education to eye-related beauty.

“I ultimately decided to start a blog after I first started seeing patients,” recalled Morra. “I was inspired by their questions, curiosity and genuine interest in eye-related issues, so I decided to create a platform that addressed everything you need to know about eyes, from health to beauty and everything in between. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make about your health and lifestyle.”

Many of Morra’s blog often covers eyecare and beauty to teach
readers about healthy beauty routines.
According to Morra, her target audience is “anyone that has eyes.” While she shares her blog and coinciding Instagram with patients who have questions pertinent to topics she’s written about, her hundreds of Instagram followers also include other ECPs, influencers, various brands in the eyecare and beauty industry, as well as the general public.

“I want to reach as many people as possible when it comes to eye education,” explained Morra. “My hope is that every time somebody visits my blog, they learn a little something that they can incorporate into their daily life. One of my favorite hashtags, #themorrayouknow, embodies this notion perfectly.”

Some of Morra’s recent updates include posts about polarized lenses, ocular allergies, the importance of makeup removal and the dangers of eyelash extensions. In the future, she hopes to team up with brands and influencers for fun collaborations. “Morra Than Meets The Eye has exceeded all of my expectations. I’m looking forward to continuing to educate people about eyes and focus on the growth of my blog,” Morra concluded.

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