Oakland Vision Center Optometry’s Doctors Get Coachella Ready on Facebook Live


Tanya N. Gill, OD
OAKLAND, Calif—In VM’s Pop-Up Talk during this year’s Vision Expo East, we explored the ideas and tactics that independent ECPs are using to give themselves a competitive edge with an emphasis on the utilization of social media.

From Instagram and Twitter to MailChimp and Facebook there are so many ways to engage customers and knit closer ties with your community and Oakland Vision Center Optometry in Oakland, Calif. has really honed in on that digital space.

Arian Fartash, OD.
In a series of entertaining and informative Facebook Live videos, the Drs. and staff at Oakland Vision Center Optometry have created a space where they can educate customers about topics from DES and Glaucoma to showcasing new product and giving eye health tips— using social media to further engage with their customer base and beyond.

In a recent Facebook Live segment, Drs. Tanya N. Gill and Arian Fartash tapped into a very popular topic right now—festival season. They not only showed viewers how to get “Coachella ready” by showcasing the latest trends in eyewear but also talked about the necessary ways to keep your eyes healthy during all of the music festival fun in the sun.

From sunwear and eyewear to thinking about rewetting drops, contact lens care and using sun protection, Gill and Fartash covered all of the festival bases with its relation to optical.

While Coachella might be over, there are still a long list of festivals happening over the next few months and their eye health and fashion tips are definitely things to take into consideration when getting ready for whatever show is in your lineup.

Check out their informative Facebook Live segment below for all the summer music festival tips and tricks.