Ohio-based Small Businesses Unite To Create Stronger Community Connections


(L to R) Chef Sherry Schie, Loretta
Eisenbrei and Mark Eisenbrei sit down
in Eisenbrei Plaza Optical as they get
ready for their Facebook Live segment.
CANTON, Ohio—There’s truth to the saying “there’s strength in numbers,” and for the staff at Eisenbrei Plaza Optical located in Canton, Ohio they understand the benefit of partnering with other local businesses to create a bigger wave in the community. That’s why the 54-year old optical location joined forces with four-year-old restaurant, Shy Cellars to educate the community about one another.

Throughout this past week, both Eisenbrei Plaza Optical and Shy Cellars have been creating fun, engaging teaser videos on Facebook to promote the Facebook Live event that they participated in yesterday morning.

Mark Eisenbrei, optician and
owner of Eisenbrei Plaza
Optical helps Sherry Schie of
Shy Cellars get fitted for a
new pair of frames.
Chef Sherry Schie of Shy Cellars hosted a Facebook Live segment with Mark and Loretta Eisenbrei, not only showing the steps of getting a new pair of glasses but also highlighting the history of Eisenbrei Plaza Optical and its staff.

Mark Eisenbrei, optician and businesses owner of the location that his father established in 1963, seeks to help each customer find the best pair of glasses as well as provide honest, consistent advice. For him, utilizing social media has been a new avenue for advertising that has proved successful for the location.

“Small businesses are so important in our society right now and are the basis for everything. Social media helps to educate people and to let them know that we are a small business and how we feel about our area of expertise,” said Eisenbrei. “We have been around for many years but we want to educate people on how a business could be run and that we are out there for people. We are very anxious to get our message out and to attract new people from across Northeast Ohio.”

Mark Eisenbrei works on getting Sherry
Schie the perfect pair of frames.
When it came to getting involved in this Facebook Live event, Chef Sherry Schie, who understands what it’s like being a small business owner, recognized the potential in networking with other small businesses.

“I did it because I do have a heart for small business people. It is hard being a small business owner,” said Chef Sherry Schie of the award-winning restaurant Shy Cellars. “We don’t always have the resources. We don’t always have the money to buy the big billboards or be in the national magazines to advertise. So, the best way to do it, to get the best bang for the buck, is networking with other small businesses.”

So, while you’re kicking back and enjoying the hard earned weekend, take a look at their fun, informative video segment here.

Photos by: Chris Cugini