Living The Optical Goddess Life With Autianna Wilson

SAN FRANCISCO—On Instagram, she has been known as The Goddess of Optix since 2015, but as of today, Autianna Wilson has officially launched her blog, The Optical Goddess Life. The idea to create The Optical Goddess Life first came when she was still a novice in the optical industry, while working at City Optix. “I came in there with only 3 years’ experience and a lot of passion, and the opticians working there at the time, took me in and taught me so much. I had customers who constantly returned to see me just for the experience that I gave them and it was there that I started branding myself as The Optical Goddess,” Wilson said.


Now, with a total of eight years under her belt and currently working at Leona Landers and Associates based here, Wilson is focusing on solidifying her brand online. “I told myself in August of 2017 that I must get serious. If I want to open my own eyewear boutique in the next two years or so, I must get my name out there,” she explained. “That’s exactly what I’ve done—from posting on social media, to talking to people on the streets, I’m ready to engage with everyone around the world, share my passion for eyewear art and also style people in innovative eyewear that will make them come back for more.”

Though the blog will mainly be targeted toward opticians, Wilson aims to make it interactive with people outside the industry and impart her knowledge of all things optical. “I will be making a page solely of all the people I’ve styled and even add a description as to why I styled them in specific frames,” she told VMAIL Weekend. “In addition, I’ll offer in-person frame styling at my current location of work and also in-depth, online frame styling, giving people resources and locations where they can purchase eyewear that I believe will look best on them.”

In addition to optical, The Optical Goddess Life will cover topics in the fashion and beauty sectors. Everything from Wilson’s latest eyewear finds at a flea market, to makeup for people who wear glasses, her fearless fashions and the skincare products she is “currently obsessing over,” will be covered on her blog. “The idea of the blog is to mix my love for eyewear, eyecare, fashion and my desire to inspire those who need a little motivation to do whatever their heart desires.”


Though the blog helps her get her name out into the world, it also serves as a personal feat for Wilson, who is currently living with a rare chronic autoimmune disease. “While I was in college I was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa which has no cure. It was the most devastating news I’d ever gotten and I went through a very depressive state but I realized that people are my medicine. Whatever I can do to make others feel better, makes me feel better. Knowing that I’m a part in the process of helping someone see and look their best motivates me to keep going,” she said.