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Success Strategy: The Connected, ‘Intelligent’ Office

Always “on.”

Updated constantly.

Real-time information.

Systems that speak to each other.

User-friendly functionality.

More efficiencies.

Reduction of paperwork.

Improved flow.

More productivity.

Greater patient satisfaction.

We could go on, but, hopefully, you get the drift here.

Today’s technology is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it’s a ‘must to have.’ And the ways for practices and optical retailers to really leverage it to manage their business is what’s going to enable them to take even better professional care and spend more valuable time with their patients.

That’s the philosophy behind VM’s “Intelligent Office,” a series and microsite we kicked off last Fall, post information to every week and continue with this month’s Cover Topic which streamlines and targets one aspect of it: High Tech Equals High Touch. Systems ‘sound’ like headaches, at least that’s how many ECPs and optical business owners still view them. But that’s so five years ago. Take another look.

Today’s systems are easier to manage and actually enhance and free up time for stronger patient interaction and personalized service. The philosophy behind The Intelligent Office is that new systems and solutions happen in several interconnected realms: Outside the Office (as our cover story illustrates); in The Waiting Room, where patients can be educated, learn more and get excited about new products and services; In the Exam Lane, where doctors’ knowledge about eye health and vision correction can be shared, explained and demonstrated; In the Dispensary, where new technologies are transforming the patient experience; and Practice Systems, like new EHR “fully loaded” systems which are becoming essential for anyone in the health care delivery space.

Think of the “Intelligent Office” as a way to see new possibilities on your way to delivering superior service and patient care.

CHECK.OUT is another new feature starting this month, you’ll find it just after our successful Style.Pages. CHECK.OUT includes two components which put the spotlight on a specific eyewear collection or frame style, accompanied by a brief interview with a leading optical retailer or ECP about why they’ve stocked it, why they love it, what type of customer it speaks to and what void it fills in their frame mix. ■