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Augen Unveils New Website for Easyform Free Form Equipment


Top Line: Augen Optics has launched a new website design for its EasyForm Digital Free Form Processing System at Incorporating significant improvements in visual presentation, navigation, and content delivery, the revamped site enables quicker, easier access to product information and provides a greater variety of images and a video to demonstrate product functionality and quality. According to Marco Machado-Torres, chief operating officer for Augen, “We designed the Augen EasyForm system to provide a total solution for laboratories seeking an entry to free form and a way to increase their independence. The EasyForm website is a tool to help us start the dialogue about how Augen can solve the free form production dilemma for small labs generating 150 to 250 lenses per day.”
Close Up: The website features one-click access from the home page to information about EasyForm equipment, lens design software, and Augen free form lenses. The site includes a detailed product features and specifications page for each component of the EasyForm free form production system—digital surfacing generator, blocker, polisher, laser engraver, and lens design software. The Software page defines the advanced NURBS mathematical model that Augen uses to generate the premium lens designs included with the EasyForm software package. In addition to published press releases and articles, and access to marketing materials, the site includes a video featuring an online tour of the EasyForm system in action.
Vital Stats: The patented EasyForm system includes the Augen EasyForm FF-V3 Digital Surfacing Generator, Augen FF-SB Speed Blocker, Augen FF-2LP Digital Free Form Polisher, and Augen LFL 2020 Laser Engraving System with adjustment mount and semi-visible imprint applicator, as well as Augen Lens Design Software, giving laboratories the ability to produce free form Augen HDRx Trinity progressives and HD single vision lenses onsite.; (866) 284-3611