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Bausch + Lomb Launches Mobile Fitting App for PureVision2 Multi-focal Contact Lenses for Presbyopia


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Product: PureVision2 Multi-Focal Fit Guide mobile application
Top Line: Bausch + Lomb is releasing the PureVision2 Multi-Focal Fit Guide mobile application in the U.S. The app is designed to help eyecare practitioners (ECPs) successfully fit patients into PureVision2 for Presbyopia contact lenses.
Close Up: According to B+L, fitting a multi-focal contact lens on a patient takes an average of 2.6 attempts. The new app was developed to help streamline the multi-focal fitting process for doctors by delivering a guide that is not only convenient and accessible, but helps reduce patient chair time and the need for follow-up visits.
“We find that ECPs generally do not use fitting guides and prefer to fit multi-focals through trial and error, but our research shows that doctors who use the fitting guide have a more successful first time fit, leading to happier patients and reduced chair time,” said Benjamin Chudner, OD, director, professionalsStrategy, Bausch + Lomb. “The new PureVision2 Multi-Focal Fit Guide has been created to provide a digital, easy-to-use option to help doctors successfully fit their patients. The app will also help to eliminate the need for doctors and their staff to spend time locating the printed guide, since the tools needed will be found on their smartphone or tablet.”
The interactive app enables ECPs to calculate the initial lens selection by directly entering the patient’s sphere and cylinder information, including add, based on the patient’s most recent refraction. Following evaluation of the performance of initial lens selection on the eye, the ECP will determine if further refinement is needed to improve distance or reading vision. A simple selection in the app will provide instantaneous feedback and an updated lens recommendation.
Doctors can also use the app to gain a better view of their practice by comparing against national results for patient satisfaction. When the doctor finalizes a patient’s prescription, they simply check whether or not the patient was satisfied. This will help the doctor understand the level of patient success with this lens compared to other patients nationally, B+L said.
PureVision2 for Presbyopia contact lenses are the latest multifocal innovation to be added to Bausch + Lomb’s portfolio of contact lenses. Featuring a next generation 3-Zone Progressive design, the lens is designed to improve near and intermediate vision while providing excellent distance clarity.
Vital Stats: The PureVision2 Multi-Focal Fit Guide app is free to download in the App Store and is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 6 or higher. The app will also be extended later this year to include Biotrue ONEday contact lenses for Presbyopia.; (800) 553-5340

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